Top 5 Internships for Marketing Majors

Every university student can reap benefits from going through an internship. Marketing majors are not exempt from this. As a matter of fact, even if your specific program does not require you to complete an internship, it is still a good idea to pursue one. Depending on the internship and the company, you may or may not receive monetary compensation. Whether or not you do, however, the experience that you gain working in the “real world” will be priceless.

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If you are a marketing major, why not consider the top 5 internships that will give you the best possible chance of gaining experience that will serve you well when you obtain your degree?

Event Marketing Internships

Events are the big thing these days. There are a lot of companies that make a killing out of organizing all sorts of events, and this sector is busy all year round. Of course, events are only a big success if they are marketed properly.

Marketing majors can thus offer their skills to events organizers and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Not only will you gain extensive experience, you’ll also have a blast spreading the word about various events!

Financial Marketing Internships

The financial sector is another top area for marketing majors to look for internship opportunities. In spite of the ups and downs that this sector continually experiences, they always seem to have their work cut out. If you are aiming to work in the financial industry, applying for internships in banks and credit unions will benefit you greatly.

You can always go for the big names in the banking industry – many of them encourage students by having their own internship programs.

Healthcare Marketing Internships

You may not think twice about it, but hospitals, clinics, and other similar institutions do have a marketing branch. Or at least they take on the services of a marketing agency. The healthcare industry is an ever booming one, and there are plenty of opportunities for marketing majors.

You do not even have to look far to find a marketing internship in the healthcare industry. Inquire with your local hospital. The chances are that they will be in need of your services.

Internet Startup Marketing Internships

There is no denying it – Internet startups are everywhere. Many of these startups rely on marketing campaigns to get the work out, so marketing majors really have tons of chances to snag an internship with one of them. While not all startups become successful, you never know if you can be part of the next big thing on the Internet!

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1. Post University
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Digital Marketing Internships

If Internet startups are to be found practically everywhere, so are digital marketing agencies! More and more, businesses are looking to make an impact online, even if their operations are in brick and mortar premises, hence the proliferation of digital marketing agencies. If you want to get your hands deep in the digital marketing jar, your best bet is to look for an internship with one of the agencies. You will not have a lack for choices with the number of agencies that you can find today.