Do You Need A Marketing Job To Be A Retail Store Manager?

Retail ManagerIf you have ever given thought to the pursuit of a career as a retail store manager, your concern regarding educational requirements may have led you to ask if you need a marketing degree to be a retail store manager. Below you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the retail store management field.

The Retail Store Manager – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, a retail store manager is basically the individual who performs the store’s daily operations. Generally, all of the employees who work within the store will report to the retail store manager. In turn, the retail store manager will report to the general or district manager. Some of the specific roles and responsibilities that a retail store manager may fulfill include:

  • Human Resources work such as workplace scheduling, performance management, and recruiting
  • Store business operations like facility management, managing profit and loss, and security banking
  • Product Management efforts such as price changes, receiving, ordering, returns, and handling damaged products
  • Team Development like staff development and training

The Retail Store Manager – Educational Requirements

As many retail industry store experts know, there are no universally applicable educational requirements that an aspiring retail store manager must meet in order to attain a position within a company. Therefore, you do not necessarily need a marketing degree (or any degree) in order to work within the field of retail store management. However, earning a degree or specialty certification in an applicable field can make you a more marketable job candidate. In addition to recognizing the advantages that can result from gaining a formal education, you should recognize that job candidates who possess experience in the retail sector are oftentimes considered first when store management positions become available. In some cases, an individual may begin his or her career in the field as a retail sales associate and subsequently climb the ladder into a management position, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In order to gain specific, detailed information regarding any educational or work experience requirements that a prospective employer may have, you should get in contact with him or her.

Retail Store Management – Higher Education Opportunities

Although you may not have to hold a bachelor’s degree to obtain a position as a store manager, attaining this type of education may help you advance within your field at a faster rate. Some of the degree fields that you might consider include Human Resources, Business Management, Marketing, or Advertising.

Retail Store Management-Expected Salary

According to Indeed, a retail store manager can expect to earn about $44,000 annually. However, annual earnings will differ based on factors such as experience, education, and location. For example, a retail store manager who works in California might expect to earn about $48,000 annually. On the other hand, a retail store manager who works in New York may earn $54,000 each year.

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If you have given thought to working in the retail store management sector, you should know that doing so can provide you with personal satisfaction and professional success. Now that you know if you need a marketing degree to be a retail store manager, you can make an informed decision regarding which educational path to follow in order to accomplish your vocational goals.