How Can I Get a Top Marketing Job at Coca Cola?

coca_colaWhere there are private companies there will always be a need for marketing professionals. If you are are interested in becoming an advertising, promotions or marketing manager with an industry leader like Coca Cola, it is important to do everything it takes to compete with others who are submitting their applications daily. There is no surefire way to land a top marketing job with any company, but there are ways that you can improve your chances of standing out among a crowd of qualified and eager marketing professionals. If you are interested in learning about the route that you should take to turn your goal of becoming a marketing manager at Coca Cola into a reality, here are some of the stops you will need to make along the way.

Earn Your Degree and Build Connections in the Process

The degree program that you enroll in can make a major impact in whether or not you will be seen as a quality candidate for a position as a marketing specialist, manager, director, and eventually executive with Coca Cola. If you are very early on in your efforts to achieve your goal of becoming a high-payed marketing professional with the industry giant, the first step is enrolling in a quality marketing degree program with a respected and accredited college or university. Take your time to compare the marketing programs available through several different schools. Choose a school that is known for training the best marketing grads and you will get more attention when you meet with HR reps and managers during the interview process.

Take Advantage of Internship Opportunities

When you are earning your Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, you need to take time to network and develop relationships with managers and firms that are seeking to hire recent grads. Coca Cola offers internship opportunities in the field of marketing, and these opportunities might just open the door to work your way up the ladder in the marketing department. If you prove yourself during your internship, you are much more likely to get a job with Coca Cola than you would be if you would have just applied off of the streets. You can become an undergraduate or graduate intern, prove your talent, complete valuable projects, and develop relationships with heavy hitters within the company by taking this path.

Prove Yourself As You Get the Experience You Need

You cannot expect to apply for a marketing executive or channel development executive position and get the job if you have very little experience. The key to becoming an executive or a manager with Coca Cola, is proving yourself and working your way up from within. If you become an intern and you are hired, you will need to develop your skills and prove yourself as a research assistant, a marketing assistant, or another entry-level professional. As you are gaining experience, take advantage of Coca Cola’s tuition reimbursement program and enroll in a Master’s program. The combination of experience and your MBA will launch you in the right direction to get a top marketing job as a manager, a director, or another high-paid professional.

You can earn a good living working for Coca Cola. Brand managers average $79,500 per year, and Senior Marketing Managers are making an average of $129,000. If these salaries drive you, take the right path and work your way to the top of the ladder so that you can achieve your goals.