What Can I Do With an Internet Marketing Degree?

Internet marketing is a field that is growing dramatically. Unlike traditional marketing positions that focus on traditional marketing research and tactics, an Internet marketing position is one where the roles and responsibilities are focused specifically to building a company’s presence on the world wide web. While there are several different degrees that will prepare you for the broad field of marketing, find out what types of careers an Internet Marketing Degree will prepare you for and determine if this is the right educational path for you to take.

What Makes an Internet Marketing Degree Different?

You can take several different routes to earn a degree in marketing or business management, but most of these routes are not going to prepare you or teach you the skills you need to know to become an Internet marketer fresh out of school. With more and more companies shifting their focus from building a local brand to an online brand, it may be in your best interest to learn what it means to be an Internet marketer.

Even product managers and marketing managers will need to generate experience with Internet marketing if they want to compete in a highly competitive world where digital marketing is taking over. If you are sifting through BA and BS programs with a focus in Business, Management, or Marketing, you should understand what a degree program with a specialization in Internet Marketing will teach you. Here are some of the skills that you will not learn in a typical Marketing or Business Management Bachelor Degree Program:

-Online branding techniques
-How to generate Internet traffic
-eCommerce techniques to convert traffic into sales
-Search Engine Optimization
-Content marketing
-PPC Marketing
-Keyword research
-Understanding and interpreting analytics
-Learning the psychology of an online customer

To compete with industry experts online, you will need formal training on a wide range of different relevant topics. This degree, especially with the specialization and focus on Internet marketing tactics, will help you develop the skills you need to work in virtually any industry and will fulfill the common Bachelor’s degree requirement set by most employers.

What Positions Can You Apply For with an Internet Marketing Degree?

You do not have to be pursuing a position specifically in Internet marketing just to be able to put your Internet Marketing degree to use. If you decide to pursue an BS or BA with a focus in Internet Marketing, you can use this degree as a sales manager, a marketing specialist, an advertising manager, a product manager, or part of a team at a marketing firm where you can work your way up the ropes. The great thing about this field is that your degree will prepare you to work in most industries.

The job outlook for positions in Internet marketing are especially high. With a projected growth of 12 percent for sales managers alone, you can see why enrollment for Interment marketing degrees are so high. Take your time to compare degree programs, and decide which one will prepare you for a successful career.