What Effect Does Facebook Have on My Marketing Efforts?

Facebook started out as a social media site where people could connect with one another, but it is now one of the sites that can have the most drastic impact on your marketing efforts. Are you wondering what this effect will be so that you can build your marketing plan around it? If so, there are some positives and negatives that you must consider so that you can craft a successful strategy. 

Interacting with Your Potential Customers

The biggest effect that Facebook is going to have on your marketing efforts is that you can connect with and interact with the people who like your company or your products. This is different than other forms of advertising, such as television commercials, which are generally a one-way street. With a social media site, you need to make an effort to answer questions, engage users and make them feel like part of a community. Not only will this make them more likely to buy what you are selling, but it can clear up some things – such as concerns about a product’s new features – that people would never have contacted you about in any other fashion. People are more likely to talk to you on Facebook than through email or a phone call.

Understanding Customer Support

As you look at your marketing efforts, you must understand the different types of support that people can give. These are likes, comments and shares. When people like posts, it demonstrates that they approve of your products. When they comment, it allows you to interact with them. The most crucial thing to aim for is a share, though, because this spreads your marketing out to new places that you could not otherwise reach, getting it in front of hundreds of even thousands of other people.

Customers Reviews

Facebook can also be a place for people to leave reviews of your company and your products. This is both good and bad. If someone has a bad experience and begins writing all over your wall about how they hated your product, it could make your own marketing ineffective. If they loved it, though, they could sell products for you. You need to carefully monitor your comment section so that they do not undermine what you are trying to do, but you also do not want to censor people, which could push them away, as well. There is a balance that must be found.

Giving People What They Want

One of the big things to look at in connection with your marketing efforts is how many of the people who liked your page are actually interacting with it. When they do this, it changes your whole marketing approach. Rather than just giving them some information, you allow them to approach you to ask for more or for clarification on some points. While ads sometimes leave people with questions, Facebook ensures that they get the information that they want when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

The Overall Effect

On the whole, Facebook can have a drastic impact on marketing in any industry. It changes the way that you communicate with people. It shifts your marketing efforts into something interactive and engaging, communicating with individual people, rather than only the masses.

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