What Is An Integrated Marketing Communication Degree?

Businesses of all varieties require employees with degrees in Marketing and Communications. These two careers often work alongside, but not in conjunction, with each other. As businesses require both to be successful, a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications will give job seekers an edge when looking for employment after college. But what is an Integrated Marketing Communications degree, and what does it enable one to do after graduation?

Integrated Marketing Communications Definition

BusinessDictionary.com defines Integrated Marketing Communications as the “approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.” The practice combines skills from a variety of business disciplines (advertising, public relations, and communications) to improve clarity and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns. Degree holders not only get to work on the business side of the table, but also require must employ communications knowledge, public speaking abilities, and writing talent in addition to marketing knowledge. Undergraduate and graduate programs are available, and disciplines studied while pursuing the degree ensure graduates will leave school with a variety of skills and experiences that will help them on the job.

Requirements of an Integrated Marketing Communications Degree

In an Integrated Marketing Communications Degree, approximately 36-40 credit hours will come from courses in Business, Advertising, and Communications. Some examples of courses students will take include Brand Marketing and Communications, Media or Business Ethics, and Writing for Integrated Marketing Communications. Many programs can be completed in four to five years, and will offer students an emphasis or discipline focus along with their degree, letting them focus more on the marketing aspect or the communications discipline if they choose.

Jobs Available for Integrated Marketing Communications Graduates

Upon program completion, graduates can pursue a variety of jobs in the business world. Career options include Marketing or Communications Manager, Digital Analytics Supervisor, Public Relations Specialist, or Social Media Specialist. Entry-level graduates can find work as Marketing or Communications Associates, Public Relations associates, or other entry-level marketing positions. IMC students are encouraged to pursue an internship to gain job experience and hone the necessary skills to succeed in the field.

Best Integrated Marketing Communication Programs

Finding a suitable IMC degree program in any area of the country is possible as numerous colleges have added the degree or a similar one to their curriculum. When researching any school, it is wise to ensure students receive support when seeking when work-study programs during enrollment, and that the school will provide assistance in locating an appropriate internship prior to graduation.

The world of business is continually changing, but many things stay the same. There will always be new products, ideas, or campaigns to market, and communications will remain an essential part of both business and personal interactions. To meet these needs, employers will be looking for candidates who have experience in a variety of business and communication disciplines. Earning a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications is a wise choice for those wanting to gain an edge when seeking employment, and for those wanting to engage in more than one aspect of the business world.