What Types of Jobs Are Available With An Associate’s Degree In Marketing?

MarketingIf you have ever wondered about what type of educational path to pursue in order to develop or advance your career in marketing, you may have asked yourself this question: “What types of jobs are available with an associate’s degree in marketing?” By reading the outline found below, you can gain an answer to this question as well as several other questions that pertain to the field of marketing.

The Associate’s Degree In Marketing – The Basics

An associate’s degree in marketing is basically a degree that prepares students to help clients design advertising plans that will facilitate the effective creation, distribution, pricing, and promoting of goods and services. As the marketing sector continues to grow and evolve, educational institutions continue modifying their programs to ensure that students attain the type of holistic knowledge and experience necessary to excel within their chosen sector. Some of the classes that a student might expect to take while pursuing an associate’s degree in marketing include:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Written Communication
  • Marketing Research
  • Math with Business Applications
  • Marketing
  • Speech
  • Design Strategies
  • Leadership Strategies in Marketing

Career Opportunities

There are a plethora of career opportunities that individuals who obtain an associate’s degree in marketing can pursue. Some of them may include:

1. Administrative Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an administrative assistant is an individual who performs routine administrative and clerical duties. Some of their roles and responsibilities can include drafting messages, supporting staff members, scheduling appointments, and organizing files. Individuals who want to pursue careers in the field of marketing can often begin by working as the administrative assistant for a marketing manager. The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that individuals who work as administrative assistants can expect to earn about $35,330 per year.

2. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is an individual who plans and implements strategic programs designed to create interest in the client’s products and/or services. In order to accomplish these objectives, marketing managers will work with sales agents, financial staff members, and art directors. While a bachelor’s degree is generally required to hold this position, it is not always mandatory. With that thought in mind, individuals who have obtained an associate’s degree in marketing who want to attain this type of position can make themselves more marketable job candidates by getting additional certifications and trainings or by completing an internship in the marketing sector. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that marketing managers earn about $115,750 annually.

3. Web Content Developer

Individuals who obtain an associate’s degree in marketing will often find themselves capable of cultivating personally and professionally rewarding careers as web content developers. In this field, individuals are responsible for creating interesting, informative content to advertise a client’s goods and/or services. Because this work is predicated upon knowing how to market products to the public, individuals who obtain an associate’s degree in marketing often possess the knowledge and experience necessary to employ the right advertising strategies. Web content writers can expect to earn about $59,000 annually, according to Indeed.

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If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the field of marketing, obtaining basic information regarding what educational requirements you need to meet will be important. Now that you know what types of jobs are available with an associate’s degree in marketing,  you will be able to make a decision regarding which educational path to follow in order to accomplish your professional goals.