What Careers are in Digital Marketing?

The proliferation of Internet users and shoppers has made it possible to build a number of careers in digital marketing. These careers range from sales to more advanced management positions. Here is a list of some careers you could pursue.

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers develop strategies for effective data analysis, identify, select, configure and implement data analytic solutions and develop and lead a team of data analytics professionals. Analytic managers mainly perform supervisory roles. They manage digital marketing teams and represent the company on digital marketing seminars and conferences. They earn an average annual salary of $93,585. The salary ranges between $65,822 and $138,003, according to PayScale.

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts are responsible for implementing and monitoring SEO and social media marketing strategies. They perform keyword research, provide SEO recommendations and execute strategies for content development. They also help create and implement link building campaigns and measure key SEO metrics. Their salary ranges between $62,000 and $107,000.

User Experience Specialist

User experience specialists are responsible for creating a good experience for customers and web visitors. They translate the established marketing objectives and business requirements into engaging, clear and concise experience applicable to mobile-based and responsive web users. They also test different digital marketing platforms to see if they suit the targeted users. Their salary ranges between $42,662 and $92,783, with an annual average of $58,545.

Content Strategist

Content strategists develop content strategies meant to improve a company’s digital marketing campaigns. To achieve this, they conduct content audits and market research to identify the areas that should be addressed. Working as a content strategist will give you the opportunity to improve your creativity in a highly measurable way. It requires you to be self-motivated, data-driven and innovative. The salary ranges from $38,425 to $99,444 per year.

E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce specialists analyze and report on all activities and processes within an e-store. They monitor online competition, produce digital marketing recommendations and manage online sales and trading procedures. They also develop strategies to improve an e-commerce site’s traffic and conversion rates. E-commerce specialists are very aggressive. They will not stop until they achieve their digital marketing goals. They earn between $32,081 and $69,592.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers reach out to customers through emails and inform them about new products and existing promotions. They identify their target audience, grow email lists and develop direct email marketing campaigns. They also ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients and establish email databases for lead generation. They earn a median income of $85,858 per year. Their pay ranges from $50,135 to $85,029.

Paid Search Manager

Paid search engine managers are responsible for running the pay-per-click digital marketing strategies for their clients. They review daily account activities related to Bing, Yahoo, Google or any other search engine preferred by their clients. They monitor keywords, quality score and other important metrics that might help their clients get more customers. Paid advertising managers work as independent contractors, meaning a company has to hire them on a contract agreement. Their income depends on the number of clients they have and the type of assignments they do.

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Digital marketing is a growing field that will not stop anytime soon. Students can take advantage of this to build a stable career and benefit from potentially lucrative job positions. Some of the major careers in digital marketing you can pursue include paid search manager, analytics manager, email marketing manager, user experience expert, e-commerce specialist and content strategist.