What is a Market Research Surveyor?

Market research surveyors are responsible for various aspects of market research activities and programs for their clients. They may be involved in the planning, designing and implementing of surveys. Market researchers may gather and process data, analyze and present reports and manage and coordinate market research contracts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Basic Duties

Market research surveyors create surveys methodologies in conjunction with marketing team members. They recommend survey designs, identify unnecessary survey elements, gather supportive data and establish reporting paradigms. During the planning stage, they will determine the survey method, such as print, online and focus group, and create questionnaires using special software or web-based solutions, such as Survey Monkey. They may be asked to provide and coordinates training for external surveyors in various client locations. Field personnel will require training on safety procedures and policies.

Senior market research surveyors ensure market research surveyors and consultants are compliant with contracts and expectations. They manage and maintain online survey accounts and inventories of both print and electronic questionnaires. They may coordinate all work with internal departments, partnering organizations and outside contractors. They must write clear and concise materials, support marketing outreach programs and facilitate service transitions for clients. Based on their market research analysis, they make recommendations for quality, communication and customer service improvements.

Hiring Requirements

Market research surveyors usually have a degree in marketing, communications or business administration. They need excellent oral presentation and written skills. They must have a demonstrated knowledge of traditional and digital marketing strategies, concepts and practices. Strong analytical, statistical and critical thinking skills are required for processing data. Market research surveyors must be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and online survey tools and platforms. They must be detail-oriented, highly organized and able to continually prioritize work.

Depending on the job posting, market research surveyors may be expected to attend and contribute to marketing, business and client advisory committees. They must know how to give presentations at meetings regarding research tools and results in non-technical terms. They may use marketing information management systems or content management systems (CMS) to execute tasks, create surveys, post documents and generate reports. They may be expected to implement and track special projects and assignments.

Recommended Degree

Anyone who wants to study marketing is in luck, because this popular major is offered online by many colleges and universities. The goal of a marketing degree program is to provide students with skills that can easily transfer into everyday business practice in their marketing careers. Students will accrue performance competencies through projects that develop knowledge, but also professional development through experiences that challenge current skills. Students will most likely conduct projects and assignments related to Internet research, through primary and secondary sources, and software tools, such as Excel and Google Analytics.

Students will gain project, people, analytical, conceptual and communication management skills. They may develop a high degree of specialization within the area of marketing, such as big data, market research, advertising, technology and social media. Most programs will examine new marketing vocabulary and techniques, the emerging challenges that are transforming marketing and market segmentation analysis tools like SWOT and competitive analyses. Students will be exposed to group decision-making processes, individual cultures and sub-cultures, integrated marketing communications and consumer buying behaviors.

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Market research surveyors who want to move into management usually earn an MBA in Marketing or Business Administration.