What is a Marketing Strategist?

A marketing strategist plays a critical role within any organization. As a result, he enjoys a lot of respect as well as admiration from other members of the staff and peers. Here are a some insights on what exactly marketing strategists do, their salary, career outlook and job requirements.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities

The specific roles and responsibilities of marketing strategists include the following;

  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of marketing strategies in relation to the company’s targets.
  • Developing annual marketing budgets.
  • Conducting market research to identify new opportunities and track competitors.
  • Analyzing all the metrics related to sales and marketing.
  • Addressing all the advertising needs of the company.
  • Developing and launching digital campaigns to increase product awareness.
  • Liaising with other staff members and the management to ensure brand consistency.
  • Predicting future market trends.

Job Requirements

Anyone who wants to become a marketing strategist must have at least a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing, advertising, marketing management or public relations. Some employers may prefer those who have master’s degrees in addition to extensive experience in marketing or brand management. Membership in at least one professional body, such as the American Marketing Association, may be an added advantage.

Apart from education, certification and experience, aspiring marketing strategists must have great presentation, communication and sales skills. They must be flexible, work under pressure and show leadership. In-depth knowledge of the current market trends is also important.

Work Environment

A majority of marketing strategists work in an office setting. They generally have their own office space equipped with computers and other accessories. Some strategists work in different locations, particularly if they participate in the company’s production processes. They may have to travel to different locations to conduct research and follow up on the company’s marketing initiatives. They may also have to provide facility tours to the media or potential business partners.

Tips for Succeeding As a Marketing Strategist

Anyone who wants to succeed in the field of marketing must let his or her passion shine. A strong and genuine passion will make you stand out among the rest and act as a source of inspiration to anyone you come into contact with. A mastery of balancing act is also essential. You must know how to balance between the executive team and other staff members and the customers who expect nothing less than a good experience with the company’s products. You should also leverage the internet and use it as a research tool and marketing platform.

Career Outlook and Salary

Marketing strategists earn an average salary of $60,581 per year, according to PayScale. The salary depends on an individual’s level of experience as well as location. The lowest-paid person earns $40,534 while the highest-paid gets $91,470. The employment rate is expected to increase by 9 percent over the next 10 years. This growth rate will be driven by the increasing use of advertising, promotion and marketing campaigns to help companies expand and maintain their market share.

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Choosing to pursue a career in marketing is a decision you will never regret. Marketing provides a wide variety of opportunities for employment as well as career advancement. As a marketing strategist, you will be responsible for developing marketing techniques that are in line with the company’s vision and the current market trends.