What Types of Jobs are Available in Advertising?

Marketing is the act of bringing a product or service from the source to the end customer. It can involve the concept or idea all the way to the channels used to sell that product or service. There are a variety of jobs available for those who want to make their way in the world of marketing. Marketing degrees can be applied to a few positions like sports and entertainment advertiser or production manager.

Advertising Sales Representative

In large marketing firms, each sales representative can handle a few customer accounts. The advertising rep will design or write campaigns for their clients individually depending on the client’s needs. The budget will dictate whether the client will get one advertising representative or an entire team working on their project. They’ll provide advice on marketing channels and strategies for developing their media campaigns.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you’d take a product or service and create an advertising and marketing campaign that involves the design elements like the headlines, fonts, vector art and logos. Those design elements will be brought to the website, print advertisements and other marketing channels. The graphic designer would be the one to take the ideas to a storyboard format for others to visualize before the marketing is given the green light.

Market Research Analyst

A research analyst will use be able to tell clients what will sell to certain consumers, and who will buy their products. This information is used to develop marketing plans and strategies for selling products and services. Market research analysts will conduct surveys by phone, Internet or in areas where groups converge like shopping malls. They’ll take all that data and analyze it to determine how the public will react to new products and services as well as new advertising campaigns surrounding those products.

Public Relations Specialist

This position can be in a firm or an independent who specializes in evaluating the attitude of the public regarding a company or its products and services. This person is responsible for how the public will see the product, and that includes its image through advertising and media relations. When there’s a problem with a product or service, the public relations specialist will figure out a way to turn the spotlight away from the negativity and onto the positives of the company through marketing and advertising campaigns.

Production Manager

This position in a marketing agency involves combining technical skills as well as marketing knowledge to work with engineering teams and product research teams. They’re usually the bridge between the team that comes up with a new product idea and the team that will bring that new product to the marketplace.

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These are just a few of the types of jobs available in advertising and marketing. Many of the positions available in marketing like advertising, marketing and promotions managers can make upwards of $120,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobs available in advertising require a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree and the job outlook in the field is faster than average.