What Types of Jobs are in Promotional Marketing?

Most types of jobs in promotional marketing require a strong understanding of a company’s customers, goals and products. Promotional marketing is the use of any special offer designed to spark a customer’s interest for the purpose of making a sale and to make a specific company or product stand out from the competition.

Public Relations Representative

Promotional marketing isn’t simply about revenue streams and products; it’s also about connecting a business with its customers. A professional working in the field of public relations who understands not only how to talk to people but also how to maintain the company’s best image can be beneficial to promotional campaigns. Public relations representatives can aid a marketing team in promoting a brand, help sales staff improve their communication skills with customers and ensure a business is sharing correct and appropriate information with its customers. Public relations experts should have a bachelor’s degree in business, psychology, public relations or marketing, and it’s important to have strong verbal and written communication skills. Past experience involving customer interaction or sales may set an applicant apart from other candidates.

Sales Associate

Those who work in a company’s sales department often have the opportunity to offer sales and promotional specials to customers. This can be anything from reaching out to clients and customers to encourage a new purchase to informing customers of promotions when a sale is happening, according to the Houston Chronicle. Sales associates must be comfortable with communicating with people of all ages and backgrounds, and they need to be able to understand why their products are special and what sets them apart from the competition. Salespeople work closely with other marketing professionals to learn not only who their customers are, but also the message behind their products. Sales associates typically have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, business or marketing. A background in the service industry or any field in which frequent interaction with customers is also helpful.


A copywriter has the responsibility of creating a company’s advertising materials, which includes promotions. A copywriter crafts the wording of direct mail, commercials, coupons and other materials meant to share sales or other important information with customers. Copywriters must have excellent writing skills as well as a strong understanding of a company’s customer base in order to create the most effective materials possible. Copywriters should have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, communications, English, business or marketing. Although entry-level opportunities exist for copywriters, most positions require applicants to have a portfolio of samples that demonstrate the candidate’s writing ability.

Promotional Marketing Education

In order to secure a position in promotional marketing, most students will pursue a degree in business, communications or marketing. Marketing classes create candidates who have firm foundations in customer relations, branding, design and finance that are crucial to any successful campaign. Most marketing programs are designed around core coursework that explores the fundamental principles of business, including customer relations, business analytics and corporate finance. At the higher levels, marketing courses include case studies and hands-on experiences that allow studies to utilize the core information they’ve learned in real-world settings.

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Ultimately, the goal of promotional marketing is to increase the appeal of a product or increase awareness about what the company has to offer. Promotional marketing is valuable to both existing and new customers, and most types of jobs in promotional marketing are centered around building relationships with customers in order to showcase a product and make a sale.