What Are 3 Current Popular Marketing Trends?

The last decade has brought about a new shift in customer services and marketing. Accessibility is the key and this involves a new approach on how we list services, display products and reach a customer base through sales. It should be emphasized that one trend might not work for a specific application, but there are some general trends that include most business and marketing plans. Listed here are three major trends that are very popular and should be considered for any marketing application.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook has surpassed a 1 billion membership status as of late 2012, according to Patrick Goodness, CEO of the Goodness Company. This represents nearly a quarter of the globe’s population which have members on one website. Other social media outlets included Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blogs, business websites and other similar resources that can reach an international audience. Companies and corporations are using social media outlets for current news, press releases, advertizements, memberships and direct sales in increasing numbers. These applications provide specific marketing plans by taking the needed information to new heights, such as video sharing and webcasting. Blogs are another useful tool to reach a potential audience by providing specific information on products, sales, features and reviews. Blogs also have membership options that allow readers to get the most current news and information relevant to their search needs.

Mobile Marketing

According to the CTIA Wireless Association, over 80 percent of the population of the United States are using mobile phones and that tabulates to 250 million or more Americans. Clearly, the technology of mobile devices will increase in development and technology and there is no end in sight for new products and applications. Smartphones and tablets will lead the way from such companies as Google’s Android, and Apple’s iPad and iPhone. E-readers are changing the way we read text documents—books, stories, reviews, articles and news. Through 2013 and beyond will see the newest mobile device innovations which will provide faster speeds, enhanced graphics and increased data storage. Development is taking place that will integrate all of the different devices, making cross-communication easy and fast. Marketers will benefit by up-grading and taking advantage of the latest mobile device trends and technologies.

Gamification and Visuals

Implementing game-design theory and thinking will put emphases on enhanced visual presentations for companies and corporations that have non-game applications. The idea behind the trend is to engage the audience with more exciting and easy to understand graphics and presentations, making the experience fun and rewarding. Instead of dry, boring text separated by headings and bullet points, slide shows and videos are promising increased audience numbers and better world of mouth. It is true that a picture can paint a thousand words, but a slide show or video presentation can capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression. Business websites will become more attractive and aesthetically pleasing, using colorful templates and unique fonts. Marketers who spend the extra time on imaginative visuals will realize increased traffic and interest.

No matter what the product or services, online marketing is here to stay. Online presence, offering the most attractive, innovative websites and resource information has the potential to draw a worldwide audience. It is also a platform to foster new business relationships, providing contacts and interaction directly with prospective clients and customers for a fruitful relationship.


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