What Is The Quickest Path To a Marketing Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most jobs in marketing, advertising, promotions, and marketing/advertising management require a bachelor’s degree, and it is preferred by the employer. In this day and age, the competition is heating up due to the current employment climate, and an associate’s degree is falling behind in the job market. This is the quickest path to your marketing degree and how you can get there.

Deciding How Much Time to Invest in Your Education

Obviously, investing all of your time into your degree will allow you to take more hours per semester and reach graduation more quickly. So, decide how much time you can set back for your studies. If you aren’t working and don’t have any other immediate responsibilities such as a marriage or family, you can more than likely devote full time status to your studies. If you find that you are already busy, part time would probably be the better route.

Getting the Education

Getting an education in marketing and working toward a marketing degree starts with enrolling at the school of your choice. After enrollment is finished, you will begin taking courses that will transport you along your way to earning your degree. In the beginning, you will likely take a lot of core content courses such as English, World Civilization, and more. However, you will notice that the longer you work at your degree, the more marketing courses will pop up.

Courses that you can expect to take while enrolled in school for a marketing degree include Advertising Campaigns, Applied Marketing, Legal Problems of the Marketing Process, Public Relations, Sales Management, Business Management, and more.

Experience and Internships

While studying for your marketing degree, you will more than likely be given the chance to earn hands-on experience in your field. For example, towards the end of the degree, you may be assigned to handle real life campaigns, or you may need to complete an internship that places you in the real life marketing front lines with other advertising professionals.


If you continue to work at your degree, you will eventually see graduation. Working part time at a bachelor’s degree can take up to six years to complete, and you will more than likely end up spending much more money in the process. Working at a full time rate towards your marketing degree ensures the fastest path to graduation, as well as better chances at finding a job.

Scams to Stay Away From

If you’re browsing online while searching for schools that offer marketing degrees, be sure to steer clear of websites that promise degrees in as little as a number of months or by completing a simple form. These websites generally have malicious intentions such as stealing your personal information or conning you into paying for bogus classwork or an “internet degree.” Remember that it is impossible to obtain a legitimate degree without a legitimate course of study from an accredited institution.