What Types of Public Relations Jobs Are Available in Marketing?

Public Relations in MarketingCandidates who are looking for public relations jobs in marketing have likely noticed a pretty important trend: These two fields, once considered independent of each other, are increasingly merging as marketing becomes more social and more open to the broader public. Thanks to the rise of social media sites and search engine optimization, as well as a 24-hour news cycle and corporate blogs, marketing and public relations have become increasingly intertwined. Marketing graduates and public relations specialists often collaborate on company messages and printed materials, ensuring that any content distributed paints the company in the best light while releasing critical information about new or existing products, new employees, new initiatives, and changes in strategy. The most common PR jobs in the marketing industry include the ones listed below.

Social Media Marketing Strategist

One of the most important jobs to combine public relations training with marketing sensibilities is that of the social media strategist. These professionals are responsible for releasing company updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others. While it might seem that the primary goal of each post is simply to entertain users with useful marketing content, that’s actually not the case. Increasingly, companies are using social media to announce big changes to products, strategies, and staffing. They do this because such posts humanize the company and bring it to a user’s level in new ways.

Marketing alone does not ensure that the proper message is crafted and delivered. Public relations professionals must make sure that the message is concise, that it includes all of the necessary information, and that it describes the company itself in case the post is shared or picked up by the press. They make sure that marketing and public relations goals are met by collaborating with their counterparts in the marketing department.

Incorporation of Public Relations Information into Ads and Marketing Content

In addition to overseeing the integration of marketing and PR in social media posts, those who wish to combine their public relations skills with marketing and advertising can do so by simply supervising how new company initiatives are advertised across different types of media. Most often, public relations professionals are responsible for interpreting company changes and putting those changes into friendly language that both the press and the public can understand. Marketing and advertising, meanwhile, focuses on the creation of slick slogans and materials that grab the attention of new consumers.

Occasionally, marketing materials skew the PR and use inaccurate details. Sometimes, these campaigns don’t accurately use the company’s public relations release to advertise to new customers. By offering oversight, PR professionals save the company from a potentially major headache. They filter out erroneous information, ensure that the press releases they write are properly implemented in marketing or advertising campaigns, and help to enforce message cohesion throughout all levels of the organization as new strategies are employed in the public eye. This extension of their duties is even more important in an era of widespread online accessibility and 24-hour news coverage of the corporate sector.

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PR Jobs in Marketing Aim for Cohesion and Unified Strategy

PR professionals have long been essential to the marketing side of a business, but their work has only recently been fully integrated into marketing and advertising processes. According to the Public Relations Society of America, candidates who are looking for public relations jobs in marketing have a wealth of options to choose from as a result of this shift, and they’ll find the fast-paced nature of this work to be even more exciting than working solely in PR and corporate messaging.