Highest Paying Jobs in Sports Marketing

Everyone knows that unless you get into the big leagues there’s not much money to be made in sports. Most people, however, who forge a career in sports, do so not for money but because of their passion for the sports itself. This doesn’t automatically mean that you should shun sports though, if it is money you want to make. After all, who wouldn’t want a job where you can merge your passion with money? You don’t have to be a wunderkind like Beckham, all you need is to find the right job in sports marketing to make a nice living related to something you’re interested in.

Granted that there aren’t that many sports marketing-related jobs, below are the few that will pay you a decent amount of money.

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Highest paying jobs in sports marketing:

Corporate Communications Manager (for sports team or company) – $87,822

While the average pay stated above covers does not reach six-figures, you can expect a lot more than that if you land a job as communications manager for a major league team or a big sports product company. You will need a solid background in marketing or public relations if this is the career you want to pursue. Responsibilities include overall development of the brand of sports teams, products, and services, with emphasis on reputation building. Assets would be a wide network and the sports industry and a real passion for the sport for which the company is developing products for.

Event Marketing Associate (for sports team or company) – $55,000

Sports events are one of the primary ways sports-related products are promoted. This means that you can be sure that there will always be a demand for sports event marketing associated. Unfortunately, the pay is not that great, but with the job responsibilities involved, and the no real specific need for a formal sports marketing background, this job is ideal for those who have a passion for marketing and want to transition to sports marketing. On top of organizing sports event, responsibilities include communicating with the client (sports product company), other advertisers, sports teams, and taking care of all legal aspects.

Sports Agents – up to more than $1,000,000

Though listed last, being a top sports agent will actually get you an astronomical pay check. However, realistically speaking, only sports agents of top NBA and NFL teams and the like can expect to earn such figures. Your salary will also depend on how many clients you can take on, what sport they play, and how much, they themselves earn. So if you are just starting out in the sports industry, you can expect to make almost no money this way, unless you discover a wunderkind. What you can do though is to earn a sports management degree, get a job in a big sports agency, start building a reputation for yourself, and eventually land some clients on your own. This career will take time to build, but if you do succeed at it, it can make you rich like no other sports marketing job can.

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