Top 5 Marketing Companies

Marketing is one of the hottest niches today – unsurprisingly so. With how tough the competition is in practically all industries and business sectors, companies rely a lot on their marketing efforts to gain an edge over their competitors. It is thus to be expected that more and more young people are taking marketing programs in college or university.

Featured Programs

1. Post University
2. Walden University

Education is great, sure, but at the end of it all, what you want is to be able to snag a job with an excellent marketing company. At the very least, you want a job with a company that pays its marketing staff very well. If you are a marketing major nearing the end of your studies, you might want to take a look at the top 5 marketing companies today. You might as well aim for them and enjoy the fruits of your hard work in school!

1. Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

This company is based out of San Jose, California. It is a global leader in electronic design and automation. Their offerings include software, hardware, and services. Cadence Design has gotten the reputation for paying its marketing staff very, very well. According to a study conducted by, the average base salary for marketing professionals in Cadence is $164,000. If that is not good enough for you, then I highly doubt other companies will satisfy you!

2. Juniper Networks

Operating mainly from Sunnyvale, California, Juniper Networks has more than 9,000 employees and has 46 offices all around the world. This company specializes in networks and promises their clients to continue to provide only cutting edge technology that will make networking as efficient as possible. They also reward their marketing professionals rather well with an average base salary of $142,558. That is not too far from what Cadence offers!

3. Coca-Cola

It is not really surprising to see this name on the list, is it? Coca-Cola is known to have some of the best marketing campaigns in history, and those would not have been possible without employing the best people in marketing. How much can you expect as a marketing professional for Coke? An average of $135,243.

4. Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Founded in 1995, this company has made it big in the area of semiconductor manufacturing. With the explosive growth of technology and products, Marvell naturally experienced amazing expansion as well. Today, they have almost 6,000 employees and have offices around the world as well. Part of that workforce includes marketing professionals who earn an average annual salary of $134,500. Not bad at all!

5. Oracle

Another well-known name in the industry, Oracle engineers hardware and software so that your IT experience will be nothing but simple. The company boasts of hundreds of thousands of customers, and that means plenty of money to pay their employees. As for marketing professionals in the company, they earn an average of $134,129.

1. Post University
2. Walden University

There you have the top 5 companies for marketing professionals. Remember, while you may think that getting a job in one of them is a long shot, you can always try. You might be surprised at what lies ahead for you!