If I Have a Business Degree, Will a Certificate In Marketing Help Me Land a Marketing Job?

If you have a business degree, does it make sense to also obtain a certificate in marketing? Some people are confused about this, perhaps thinking that a marketing certificate would be redundant if one already has a business degree. This is, however, not necessarily the case. There are some specific advantages to getting a marketing certificate. This, of course, depends on your interests and career goals.

Reasons to Pursue a Certificate in Marketing

While a business degree can provide you with a solid background in areas necessary for your career goals, it doesn’t always provide you with everything you need. A marketing certificate can help to fill in such gaps.

If you obtained your business degree several years ago (or even several decades), some of what you learned may be outdated. A marketing certificate can bring you up to speed with the latest strategies and technologies that are used in business.

A marketing certificate can also be a viable alternative to pursuing a master’s degree. Whereas a master’s degree is a costly and time consuming endeavor, it will be much faster and less expensive to get a certificate in marketing. Of course, you won’t get the same credentials or degree of knowledge. For many purposes, however, you can obtain what you need without entering a graduate program.

There can be both pros and cons to pursuing certificate programs. Because many people have limited time and financial resources, certificate programs are becoming popular. How much such a certificate will help you, however, depends not only on your own skills and background but on current economic conditions. Some people find that a certificate helps them get a job, while others simply find themselves in more debt.

What You Might Study For a Certificate in Marketing

What types of classes might you take to obtain this certificate? Some of these might include:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Management
  • Sales Management
  • Copywriting

The specific courses you take will depend on the particular program you sign up for, of course. You will probably have a choice of courses, and you can focus on the skills that fit most closely with your objectives.

Pursuing a Certificate in Marketing Online

Many colleges and universities offer certificates in marketing. You can also find many online programs that offer this type of certificate. For many students, obtaining a certificate online is the fastest, cheapest and most flexible approach. Online programs are less expensive than taking classes in person. They also allow students with jobs and other responsibilities the freedom to create a flexible schedule.

Is it Worthwhile to Pursue a Certificate in Marketing?

For some people with business degrees, a certificate in marketing can give them additional credentials that can help them further their careers. If you are already employed, such a certificate may help you get a promotion more quickly.

It’s best, however, to have a clear cut objective before pursuing a certificate or any type of educational goal. Even though certificates are less expensive than more traditional goals such as master’s degrees, they still involve an investment in both time and money.