Highest Paying Jobs in Advertising

The world of advertising may look glamorous from the outside looking in, but once you get in, you’ll realize that it’s more about long hours and not-so-glamorous pay checks. So unless you’re the super model whose face will be gracing the billboards the next day, don’t count on making enough from an entry level job to pay for the luxury items you’ll be advertising.

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It’s not all bad news in the world of advertising though, because if you do make it to the top, some jobs will yield salaries that will make all the hard work well worth it. Here’s a quick look at the highest paying jobs in the advertising industry:

Chief Communications Officer and Chief Public Relations Officers – $170,000 to $180,000

If you want to make it big, you have to climb high in the advertising ranks. This means landing the title as a Chief or VP of something. Don’t confuse these positions with advertising and public relations manager positions, because the pay for the two is significantly lower at about $75,000 annually.

If you wish to pursue a career as a communications officer or public relations offer, you will need to beef up on your verbal and written communication skills, and must have a wide network. Companies are all about reputation building these days, so it is no wonder that the communications officer and public relations officers can expect to be paid so well. However, the position will obviously entail immense amounts of stress, especially if the company you will be working with has an unsavoury reputation and/or questionable ethics.

Advertising Sales Director – $170,000

The responsibility for the entire advertising strategy of an organization will be in your hands, which explains why you will be earning such a tidy amount. However, with the whole advertising strategy, from the budget planning to the sales and technical aspects, all resting on your shoulders, you will need to have extensive work experience and a solid, consistent success pattern before you land this position.

Account Executive – $60,000 – $150,000

The role that account executives play varies largely depending on the specific industry where you will be working. However, it is obviously a primarily marketing role wherein you will be given the responsibility of servicing the client and communicating their needs and demands to the rest of the advertising agency. Sometimes, account executives are also tasked to find more clients, for which they will eventually become the point-person again for any future advertising campaigns. Note that the salary for this role varies greatly, as you can see above, depending not on the level of seniority you reach and the amount of responsibility given to you. Although the pay starts modestly enough, you can expect it to get higher as you climb up the ladder. This, however, obviously means that you need to get into an advertising agency large enough that will require a chief account executive in order to merit such a large salary.

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