Resource Guide for Marketing Students and Professionals

Marketing is one of the most challenging fields in business. The market is constantly fluctuating, technology is constantly innovating, and the marketing professional knows that he must adapt or die. This makes staying tapped into resources crucial to success in the marketing industry. This guide features 40 resources split into the categories of Associations, Publications, and Conferences. The resources themselves span the many disciplines of the marketing field and each of the different types of resources serves a different function in keeping the marketing professional on top of the game.


Marketing Research Association is devoted wholly to advancing the quality of research in the field of marketing. The organization provides members with professional development opportunities and gives them access to some of the most advanced tools used in marketing research.

Internet Marketing Association is a professional organization with over 750,000 members, spanning almost every aspect of business world wide. The organization exists to provide support and professional development for its members.

Promotion Marketing Association is a non-profit trade association devoted to advancing the field of marketing, particularly behavior motivation and brand building.

American Marketing Association was founded in 1937 as a collaboration between marketing academics and practitioners. Today the organization has an over 30,000 member base that is still comprised of students, teachers, and marketing professionals seeking to come together and advance the field.

Academy of Marketing Science is an international scholarly and professional organization devoted to advancing the marketing field by facilitating communication between top academics, researchers, and practitioners.

Business Marketing Association is one of the premier business to business marketing associations in the world. The goal of the organization is to bring together the top practitioners in the field for collaboration on b2b marketing innovation.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association–chances are you’ve heard of this one from a friend. This organization concerns itself with the research of word of mouth marketing strategies, along with developing ethical standards and providing education opportunities for members.

eMarketing Association is one of the largest international associations and deals with every aspect of the broad and varied field of e-marketing. The association offers professional development courses and opportunities to its members in addition to its other offerings.

Direct Marketing Association is one of the foremost direct marketing associations in existence. The organization represents the interests of direct marketing professionals regarding policy and also performs much of the high impact research on the field.


Marketing Management is a trade journal designed to facilitate the dissemination of high quality research and strategies to marketing management professionals the world over.

Journal of Marketing Research deals with the field of marketing from a multitude of perspectives including philosophical, conceptual, and theoretical perspectives.

Journal of Marketing has been considered one of the top resources for marketing professionals available since its start in 1936. This journal surveys the marketing field as a whole with a broad approach. Journal of Marketing is scholarly in its approach and covers the most pressing issues facing the field.

Journal of Strategic Marketing is positioned at the crossroads of marketing and strategic management. The goal of the journal is to bridge these two disciplines by providing high level research and strategy articles to professionals in both realms.

Ad Age is a marketing magazine featuring the writing of some of the most established marketing professionals and journalists covering the realm of advertising.

Ad Week was established as a marketing publication more relevant to the mainstream but with the goal of maintaining the type of high impact content one would find in a trade journal.

Deliver Magazine is a mail marketing magazine run by the U.S. Postal Service. The site features friendly advice and insights from the people that deliver the mail you send.

Journal of Consumer Psychology focuses on the publication of theoretical and empirical research into consumer judgment and decision making processes.

Journal of Marketing Communications is a double-blind peer reviewed journal (the author doesn’t know who’s reviewing, the reviewer doesn’t know who wrote it) that addresses all aspects of corporate marketing and communication through the publishing of research and theoretical papers.

Journal of International Marketing is a scholarly journal that publishes articles relevant to managers and international marketers. The target audience is mid to senior level management and marketing scholars.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice is a trade journal that focuses primarily on the publication of peer reviewed articles that address the major issues facing marketing management.

Direct Marketing IQ is a trade magazine designed to provide direct marketing professionals with up to date research and innovations, helping them stay relevant in a field growing ever more complicated with each advancement in technology.

Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing is a peer reviewed journal that aims to adapt the most effective marketing strategies to the non-profit sector. The journal takes into account the leverage that accompanies being a non-profit while understanding the monetary limitations most non-profit organizations face.

Journal of Product and Brand Management is an academic journal written for the benefit of both academics and practitioners. The journal publishes articles dealing with the major issues facing the professionals responsible for product and brand management.

Journal of Services Marketing publishes articles dealing with major issues in services marketing that will contribute to the advancement of the field. The journal prefers to publish articles with content that relates across multiple fields for maximum industry impact.

Marketing Theory is a peer reviewed academic publication that seeks to provide an outlet through which theorists may publish their work in alternative perspectives on marketing theory.

Marketing Science takes a scientific approach to the marketing discipline and publishes peer reviewed marketing research. The full focus of the publication is on empirical, quantitative research.

Journal of Political Marketing is one of the premier resources devoted to covering the topic of political marketing, which while it bears much similarity to other types of marketing, is different on some key fundamental levels.

Journal of Consumer Marketing is a trade journal that features contributions from marketing professionals and academics across multiple aspects of the industry. The journal is designed to be applicable primarily to any marketing professional seeking a deeper understanding of the consumer.


Direct Marketing Association holds over twenty conferences per year, which optimizes the convenience for its members as they can choose the time of year and location that best suits their needs. The conference features educational sessions aimed at strengthening the professional skills of the attendees by keeping them up to date on the most innovative implementations in the industry.

Search Engine Strategies Conference is an internet marketing conference hosted in ten cities around the globe every year. The event spans four days and features presentations covering new search engine technology and innovations.

Digital Marketing World is a digital conference series about digital marketing. The conference features presentations and Q&A sessions with prominent digital marketing professionals and the fact that the conference takes place online makes it convenient and inexpensive to attend.

B2B Marketing Forum is a conference about choices. Not just what choices each business faces, but how to make the correct choice for your specific business. The presenters at this conference understand that each business is unique, and that there is no one right choice for all businesses, only the right choice for your business.

Marketing Management Association Spring Conference focuses on some of the most pressing issues in the marketing industry today, especially the need for innovation in marketing to the millennial generation.

Content Marketing World is the largest conference in the world on content marketing where over 1,000 marketing and public relations professionals attended during the 2012 conference. The conference features prominent speakers such as the Vice President of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company.

INBOUND Conference is a multi-national gathering of inbound marketing professionals. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers with useful prospects instead of piling on spam for something they may or may not need, and the conference is a forum for attendees to share their experiences, strategies and innovations.

Pubcon features as speakers some of the most prominent professionals in internet marketing, social media, search engines and online advertising. There are also exhibitors demonstrating tools, innovations, and services.

International Business Marketing Association Conference is one of the largest business to business marketing conferences in the world. The event features attendees and contributors from 12 countries and 300 companies. The theme of this two day conference this year is Blaze, chosen because of the consensus among business leaders that b2b marketing is entering a golden age.

FutureM is a conference devoted to exploring the possibilities of the future in marketing and technology. The conference brings together marketing and technology innovators with the goal of facilitating discussion and innovation.

Mirren Live packs in over 50 speakers and 35 sessions in its two day period. The conference is specifically targeted at the owners of new businesses and designed to help them achieve their goals and become successful.

American Bankers Association Marketing Conference is an annual conference devoted solely to marketing professionals working in the banking industry. The conference covers the challenges unique to bank marketers and keeps them up to date on changes and innovations in the industry.