How To Get A Job In Web Analytics

Looking back just several decades ago, who would have thought that the Internet would play a significant role in marketing as it is now? Today, businesses are thriving in the Internet, with even the smallest local business no longer being able to afford to overlook web marketing as a tool for drawing and keeping their customers.

No matter what form of web marketing a business may decide to employ, one aspect of web marketing that you will surely find in the campaign in web analytics. It is after all only through web analytics that web marketers can demonstrate to their clients the impact that the web marketing campaign has on the business’ goals. Without web analytics web marketers will have no metrics with which to prove measure and prove their results, and thus have a hard time convincing businesses to take advantage of their services.

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With web analytics being such an integral part of web marketing, the demand for skilled web analysts is on the rise. This does not mean though that getting a job in web analytics is a snap, after all you competition is also on the rise.

If you are looking for a job in web analytics, the first thing you should do is to make sure that you get a certification in web analytics. True, a lot of old school web analysts never even took a course on web analysis, but if you look at their experience and their educational backgrounds, then you will see just why they were able to succeed in their field. Nowadays, even if you do have a degree in math, statistics, computer science, web design, and other related fields, it would still be a good idea to take courses specifically focused on web analysis and to take certification exams to prove your grasp of the concepts learned.

Having a certification in web analytics may be an advantage, but what you should realize is that having your own website that performs well is an even bigger asset. In cases where you are trying to land a higher level position, it is even a must. So make sure you start building your website(s) and putting to practice what you have learned. Consider it you internship and portfolio in one. You will find that as you go along, you will learn more tricks than what was taught in web analytics courses.

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Once you have your certification and site portfolio tucked under your belt, then it’s time to start submitting your resume. But before you do, make sure you do your research on the company you are applying to. Find out specific details like their current projects, company culture, and vision. Make it clear in your cover letter that you chose to submit your resume to their company not only because you have the skills they need, but because you can see yourself fitting in and growing with them. Demonstrate your willingness to learn and grab a freelance position if offered, because this often leads to better opportunities once you’ve proven your worth.