What Is A Marketing Degree?

Marketers are perhaps one of the most in-demand professionals nowadays thanks to the innate need of every business to find a way to promote not just their products and services, but their own names or brands. If you are interested in pursuing a career in marketing, you have an opportunity to choose among different specializations that would best suit your personality, interests, and personal goals.

Before enrolling in a marketing degree program though, make sure that you really understand the differences between each program, as choosing the wrong one will certainly have a significant impact in your career path.

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The three most common majors you take when getting a marketing degree include advertising, communications/public relations, and management. While all three fall under are tackled in any marketing degree program, focusing on one of them will determine which marketing jobs will suit you best later on.

If you plan on taking a marketing degree while majoring in advertising, you can obviously expect to be more effective in the advertising industry. However, with a marketing degree, do not expect to become part of the creative team, since the visuals, graphics, and such aspects of ad creation are not the focus of marketing. Instead, you will be learning more about how to effectively launch and manage ads campaigns to tie it into the overall marketing strategy of the company. A common route that marketing degree specializing in advertising take is to become account executives, before heading on to roles that entail bigger responsibilities.

If you plan on taking a marketing degree while specializing in communications or public relations, then you probably see yourself in the role of a communications officer or public relations officer. While both roles do not necessarily require that you get a marketing degree, having a marketing degree will give you a huge advantage because you will be able to more easily integrate and implement marketing concepts to your brand/reputation building campaign. Note though that as communications officer, your role will be more than just writing up press releases, but to facilitate the more efficient communication between your company, clients, customers, and employees to ensure that marketing campaigns go as smoothly as planned. Public relations officers, on the other hand, can focus more on into the building up of the image of the company.

If you plan on taking a marketing degree with a business component, or vice versa, you can expect to reap big rewards here, because this is where the big money is. By fusing knowledge and experience in these two fields, you will be set to take top level positions. Positions that not only have a nice ring to it such as Marketing Director and Marketing Executive, but also entail decision making responsibilities that can affect the company’s marketing policies and/or day-to-day direction and operations.

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However, you should note that if you want to get to the top, your undergraduate marketing degree will only be the first step you’ll need to take with a Master’s degree required to climb the ladder.