Top 10 iPad Apps for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals use a variety of tools in their business, including the iPad. This device provides marketers with a way to organize their business, communicate with their customers and much more. With these iPad apps for professionals, marketers can stay connected to their business wherever they go.

Best iPad Apps for Marketing Professionals


evernote for ipad

1. Evernote

One of the top note-taking apps, Evernote provides a variety of ways for marketing professionals to stay organized. The app allows users to write notes, make to-do lists, write blog posts and much more. Evernote also allows users to sync everything between a computer and multiple devices.



dropbox for ipad

2. Dropbox

Marketing professionals need to have a variety of computer files on hand at all times. Whether it is a sales pitch or mockup for a new ad, Dropbox is an app that allows users to access files from anywhere. Once a file is uploaded to Dropbox, users can access files from multiple computers and devices.



facebook for ipad

3. Facebook

Marketers know the importance of social media for reaching existing customers and finding new ones. With the Facebbok app for iPad, marketers can easily check their company page or personal profile and respond to questions, comments and more from their followers.




twitter for ipad

4. Twitter

Like the Facebook app, the Twitter app for iPad is important for all marketers with an online presence to have. Twitter lets users update their status, tweet important information to followers and participate in conversations about the industry.




cardmunch for ipad

5. Cardmunch

A network of professionals and prospective clients is the most important asset a marketer can have. Every business card that a marketer gets could be a potential lead for success. With Cardmunch, users no longer have to carry around a stack of business cards. The app lets users scan and transcribe each business card received.




square register for ipad

6. Square Register

If a marketer’s business also requires selling products or services, the Square Register app is a necessity. It works with the Square card reader to collect credit and debit payments from customers. The app also lets users manage their Square account from their iPad.




google voice for ipad

7. Google Voice

For those that currently use a Google Voice account, this app lets users access their account from their iPad to make phone calls and write text messages with their Google Voice number. Text messages can be sent to any U.S. phone and phone can be made internationally.




wordpress for ipad

8. WordPress

All marketers know the importance of having a blog to help promote their businesses. With the WordPress app, marketers can easily manage their blog from their iPad by creating posts or pages, moderating user comments, viewing page stats and more. Users can also add images or videos to their blog with this app.




google currents for ipad

9. Google Currents

Keeping up with current events in the marketing industry is important for any marketer. With the Google Currents app, iPad users can quickly scan headlines, get access to thousands of industry-specific publications and save favorite stories to read later. The app also lets users check out their favorite blogs and feed subscriptions.




waze for ipad

10. Waze

For marketers that have to do a lot of traveling, the Waze app for iPad can save them time and money. The app provides real-time information on traffic conditions, find the cheapest gas and can also help users share the drive to similar destinations.