What Is A Marketing Management Degree?

Anyone in the field of business and marketing will tell you that the combination of a marketing and management degree is a clear winner, and is the very reason why degree holders end up going back to school to get an MBA. However, you do not need to wait till you have an undergraduate degree and get a Master’s degree in order to get an in-depth knowledge of the concepts and skills needed to fuse the two complementing fields. Nowadays, there are undergraduate marketing management degree programs that will already cover the basics of business practices and marketing principles.

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Generally marketing management degree programs focus more on equipping students with the techniques and methods they will need to be able to manage marketing campaigns. This, of course, includes training the students to come up with marketing plans as well. More specifically though, topics that you can expect to learn include management skills, market research, consumer and business behavior, sales and distribution management, advertising, quality management, law, ethics in the marketing environment, and as mentioned above, market and strategic planning. The depth of each topic and focus on each will obviously vary per program, but the core principles and skills learned is generally the same.

The length of marketing management programs depend on the kind of program you enrol in, with associate programs taking 2 years, and Bachelor degree programs taking up to 4 years. However, you will also be able to find accelerated marketing management programs that will earn you a Bachelor’s degree in less than 130 credit hours. Most of these accelerated marketing management degree programs are delivered in an online format, making it ideal for those who need the flexibility of time and location.

After the completion of your marketing management degree, you can expect to be eligible for occupations such as Market Research Technician, Advertising Account Executive, Market Representative, Retail Store Manager, and Product Development Specialist. Since marketing management degree holders have a broad range of knowledge that is applicable in any type of business, you can be sure that you will find openings such as these in any industry sector. The choice in which industry sector to enter will now rest on your hands.

In choosing which industry sector to enter, it is a good idea to find one based not only on the salaries offered to entry-level marketers. Instead, choose an industry that you have a real interest in, because this interest will be the one that will sustain you throughout your career and enable you to perform above standard. It will also make it easier for you to grasp the ins and outs of the industry, making you more effective in your marketing job without having to exert as much effort as you would if you have no interest in the industry at all.

Featured Programs

1. Walden University
2. American InterContinental University
3. Post University

Lastly, even with a solid degree in marketing management, it still pays off to get a Master’s degree, because this will open doors for you to clinch top level positions that will definitely up your pay check.