Highest Paying Jobs in Marketing

Marketing has long been seen as a ticket to a nice fat pay check. Well, this is still true, especially if you have the skills and experience to land the highest paying jobs in the industry. These jobs carry with them a huge responsibility though and all require extensive experience in the field. So if you are an entry level marketer, be prepared to find jobs that will give you only a fraction of the salaries below.

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Top 3 highest paying marketing jobs:

International Marketing Executive – $280,000

If you think having an MBA will help clinch you this job, think again because not just any MBA will do. You will need an MBA, specifically International Executive MBA, from the top universities in the world if you want to land this job. You’ll also need to demonstrate more than just book knowledge but a real working knowledge of the market and economic climate across different regions, being able to take into account multi-culture differences.

Chief Channel Development Executive – $270,000

With the Internet being such a huge driving force in the evolving market landscape, businesses can no longer overlook the need to migrate to newer marketing channels. However, this is easier said than done and this is where the expertise of these highly paid executives comes in. This job entails not just an in depth knowledge of both old and new channels, but the ability to strategize a way to merge these two to come up with a solution that will maximize revenue from each. Though the channel development executive may be under the chief marketing executive in position, he still gets paid top dollar because he has the answer to the questions, being an expert in emerging markets.

Chief Marketing Executive – $244,000

Responsibility for the marketing thrust of the company’s products and services, the chief marketing executive has to know just about everything there is to know about the company’s product line, history, and finances. In short, he has to be a company walking dictionary. Not only that, but he also has to have experience with all the different marketing media and channels in order to make the right decisions as to which should be used and in what way when it comes to promoting the company’s products and services.

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If you look at the jobs listed above though, you’d probably get really excited about a marketing career. You should realize though that the actual salaries are based not just on the position, but also depends on the company you’ll be working for. Even if you land a Chief Marketing Executive position at a really small company, you surely can’t expect your salary to come close to any of the above. This means that if you do apply for a marketing job, it pays to get in the door of the best paying companies for marketing jobs like Cadence ($164,000), Juniper ($142,000), Coca Cola ($135,000), Marvel Technology ($134,000), and Oracle ($134,000), whose average base salaries for their marketing professionals (not even high-level executives!) are on the Forbes Top Ten.

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