Highest Paying Jobs in Web Marketing

Web marketing is the IN thing in the marketing world. With the Internet increasing in importance as a marketing channel, this can only mean good news for those who are looking for job opportunities in this field.

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The good news is that there is plenty of room for everyone in the world of web marketing. No matter what your background might be, you can start by dabbling in basic affiliate marketing to making an entire career out of it. However, if it is a more stable job you are looking for, a stable but high-paying job that is, then you have to realize that the playing field is less equal than you might think, and skills and experience still come at a premium.

Below is a short list of the highest paying web marketing related-jobs you will find today:

Chief Channel Development Executive/Digital Media Strategist – $270,000

Channel development executives are responsible for finding ways to fuse or shift from current marketing campaigns using more traditional channels to emerging ones, like the Internet. Though the responsibility is not limited to coming up with an overall web marketing strategy, and in fact includes any and all new channels, with the trend in marketing focusing more and more in using web technologies, chief channel development executives have no choice but to be experts in web marketing. If you want to land this job though, you will also need to have a solid experience in traditional marketing. And yes, you’ll need to get a job in top companies to get a salary as big as this.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Marketing Director – up to $148,000

Don’t confuse this job with that of the SEO analyst/specialist, who on average make anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 a year. The SEO directors make such a huge amount, but that’s because they’re at the top tier of the company. They’re usually the founders/co-owners of the company itself. However, take heart because in this relatively new industry you can bet that these SEO directors mostly started out as SEO analysts themselves, some when the name wasn’t even coined yet. So if you want to pursue this career, make sure you get your credentials for web analytics, hone your skills as an SEO, and start snagging your own clients. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the SEO director of your own company someday.

E-commerce Marketing Manager – $148,000

E-commerce marketing managers make about the same as SEO directors, but their primary responsibilities are very different. Unlike general marketing managers whose responsibility is to see to the overall marketing thrust of a company’s products and services, e-commerce marketing managers focus on the web aspect. And with web marketing taking up more space in every business’ marketing strategy, the demand for senior managers who are experts in web marketing is increasing and will continue to do so at a rapid rate as social media and SEO becomes even more important.

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