What Type Of Marketing Degree Programs Are There?

Have you decided that you want to pursue a career in the field of marketing? With more and more businesses hiring skilled marketing professionals to identify target areas for new business, and to develop marketing initiatives, this field is one that will offer you a wide range of different opportunities. From the assistant marketing professional, to the marketing executive, there are many open positions that you can apply for as you are earning your associate’s degree or graduating from graduate school. If you are trying to sift through all of the degree programs that have a focus on marketing so that you can select the right educational path, here is a brief breakdown of the marketing degree programs that exist today.

Undergraduate Marketing Degree Programs to Earn Entry-Level Opportunities

An undergraduate degree program is more than just an academic program that is designed to teach you basic skills that you will never use, it is also a career education program when you select a major that will help you break into the field. If you select an undergraduate marketing degree program you will have a competitive edge over applicants in the marketplace who do not possess career education. There are two separate types of undergrad marketing programs that you can enroll in: an associate’s program and a bachelor’s degree program. You will need to decide how much leverage you want in the recruiting process, and how much time that you are willing to spend to open up the best marketing job opportunities. Here is a brief breakdown to help you distinguish between each type of undergrad program:

* Associate’s in Marketing

You can earn your Associate’s degree in Marketing in about 2 years. This degree will prepare you for entry-level positions in advertising, buying, promotions, retail, and customer service, and will also prepare you to transfer to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

* Bachelor’s in Marketing

If you want a greater competitive advantage in the recruitment stage, you should pursue a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum. A Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in marketing will take between 3 and 5 years to earn, depending on the institution and your schedule. If you already hold an AA, you can earn your BA or BS within 2 years. You will be able to apply for entry-level or mid-level positions, and in some cases a management position when you have a Bachelor’s.

Graduate Degree Programs in Marketing for Higher Level Opportunities

After you break into the field, you might want to take your career further by earning a Master’s degree or a Doctorate. As a graduate school student, you will more than likely be going to school while you are working. If you want a high payment management job, you would like to work in marketing research, or you want to become a Marketing executive, these degree options could help:

* Master’s in Marketing

A master’s in marketing or a MBA with a concentration in marketing will help you advance. With a Master’s, you can work with corporations, advertising agencies, PR firms, retail, and other fields. By going to school for 12 months to 2 additional years, you can earn the Master’s degree that employers want to see to give you the high-paying jobs.

If you want to be a brand manager, a sales manager, an advertising manager, or any other type of marketing professional, enroll in a degree program and earn your degree. With a degree in marketing, you can break your way into virtually any sector and earn a great living.