Highest Paying Jobs for Marketing Majors

The marketing industry is no doubt a very competitive one, and any job you get will guarantee that you’ll be working in a high-stress environment. This is true whether you end up focusing on the public relations side of marketing, advertising side, or even the management side. No matter what aspect of marketing you choose to focus on, you can be sure that your job will be challenging. The challenge that the marketing industry poses is, however, one that many are ready to face because success in marketing can mean big monetary rewards.

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If you want to make it big in the marketing scene though, you need to invest your time in making sure that you have the credentials to back you up. This means getting a marketing degree from the most reputable educational institutions. This also means choosing your marketing major wisely, to ensure you’re on the right track to a high-paying marketing job.

If you a marketing degree holder, here are some of the highest paying jobs you can aspire to:

Top Marketing Executives – upwards of $240,000

If you want to be a top marketing executive, you will need more than just an undergraduate marketing degree. In fact, you will need an MBA with a major in marketing. Without such a background, you can be sure that the steep competition will edge you out of such a job. If you want top dollar, you an International Executive MBA will take you even further, and will land you jobs that will pay you up to $280,000. Again, competition will be even steeper here, and your EMBA will not guarantee you a job, but is essential if you want to even get an interview.

Chief Communications Officers and Chief Public Relations Officers – $170,000 to $180,000

Marketing degree holders who decide to forge a career in public relations can eventually hit it reach as the chief communications or public relations officer of a huge company. Unlike other high-paying marketing jobs that entail an MBA, what is more important for this career path are your communication skills, an extensive industry-wide network, and a knack for spinning the truth to make the company you work for always come out in a better light.

Top Marketing Director – $150,000

Whether it be as an overall marketing director or the increasingly popular e-commerce marketing director, you can expect to make a lot of money with your marketing degree. Since marketing directors are the ones who are expected to see to the actual operations of the marketing campaign, marketing majors with a strong managerial experience is are often preferred for these positions.

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1. Walden University
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If you want to snag any of the high-paying marketing major jobs above though, be prepared to work for it. Do not sit on the laurels of your educational achievement, because what determines success in the marketing industry is your consistency and persistence more than your book knowledge ever will be.