What is a Client Relationship Manager?

Client Relationship ManagerIf you’re a extroverted “people” person interested in a PR-related career, you may consider becoming a client relationship manager. Like their title suggests, client relationship managers are responsible for engaging in communication with clients to keep business partnerships thriving. These customer service experts strive to quickly resolve clients’ questions and concerns to protect the company’s relationships. In today’s digital world, public opinion can change dramatically with viral news, so organizations are placing a big emphasis on client relations. Managers will be in demand to coordinate client services and community outreach that maintains the company’s good reputation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of client relationships managers will grow by seven percent through 2024. Determine if this is your ideal career match by reviewing the following profile about client relationship managers.

What Client Relationship Managers Do

Client relationship managers have the primary responsibility of securing their company’s commitment to client satisfaction. These managers will handle any problems that arise in a business partnership with finesse to maintain corporate loyalty. As trusted advisers, client relationship managers form lasting relationships with clients to help influence their purchasing or sale decisions. It’s their goal to create valuable connections that can withstand the threat of competitors. Client relationship managers organize training programs or presentations to inform potential and existing clients about company products. Some may also establish new pricing strategies, online services, or payment systems to simplify buying processes on clients’ behalf.

Where Client Relationship Managers Work

Establishing strong sales relationships is vital in virtually every industry, so client relations managers have their pick of business settings. Client relationship managers may oversee all sales and PR for a small business, or work along many colleagues in larger corporations. They can be employed by public or private organizations in specific sectors, such as education, finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Some may also be hired by local or state government agencies. Client relationship managers typically work full-time beyond the 40-hour workweek. Most spend their days in a comfortable office setting, but travel may be required to attend client meetings and give presentations.

How to Become an Client Relationship Manager

Before becoming a client relationship manager, you must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university. Most client relations managers will major in business administration, public relations, sales, management, or communications. Having a background in marketing can also help managers convey a clear corporate message to clients. Employers prefer hiring client relationship managers with at least three years of experience in PR or sales management. You may have to begin in entry-level customers service jobs before advancing up the corporate ladder. For faster promotion, pursue the Customer Relations Certification through the American Society of Employers (ASE). Adding an MBA to your resume can also help.

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Overall, client relationship managers play a pivotal role by serving as liaisons and connecting a corporation with its clients to ensure excellent service. When they develop creative solutions to attract new clientele, client relationship managers can significantly improve the company’s brand awareness and revenue streams. According to PayScale, client relationship managers are compensated with a median yearly salary of $60,077. Stepping into the shoes of a client relationship manager will give you the chance to help achieve sales goals while keeping clients happy.