What is a Digital Marketing Campaign Manager?

If you love working independently and have strong computer skills, you might do well as a digital marketing campaign manager. Unlike advertising account managers, who usually work for advertising departments and handle the ads that air on television and in magazines, digital account managers focus specifically on online advertising methods. They help customers learn about new companies or products and about the changes made to existing companies. You’ll need some specific skills and a college degree to work in this field.

Duties Performed

The creation of online advertising campaigns is just one duty that a digital marketing campaign manager performs. They usually work in smaller and larger groups to come up with effective ads and then run those ads through focus groups to see how the general public feels. They must also create goals for those campaigns and see how closely those campaigns meet those goals. To work on this field, you must stay on top of current trends and learn how to incorporate those trends into campaigns to reach a wider audience. This might involve the creation of viral videos that you post on YouTube or photos that you post on social networking sites.

Where They Work

Online marketing campaign managers work in the same places as traditional advertising managers work. You might take a job working for a small business that needs help standing out from the pack without going over its advertising budget, or you might work for a larger company that offers more resources and lets you spend more on your campaigns. A large number of advertising firms also hire those with experience in digital marketing to help them with a wide range of clients, including hospitals, restaurants and even Fortune 100 companies.

Skills Needed

Though you might think that familiarity with the internet and social networking sites is all you need, these managers must also have a strong understanding of search engine optimization. This refers to the way in which search engines rank pages based on key words and phrases. You also need to remain on top of social networking trends and know which sites are popular. While sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest gained a large number of users over the years. Other skills necessary include the ability to work independently, strong communication skills and experience using online analytic tools.

How to Become One

Finding work as a digital marketing campaign manager may take some time, but the pay makes that time worthwhile. Glassdoor found that the salary among these professionals ranges from around $63,000 to more than $100,000 a year. You must go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing, and some employers will only hire those who have an MBA with a concentration in marketing. Employers also look for resumes that show the experience applicants have with social networking, the internet and marketing techniques. You’ll also want to highlight any computer skills you have, including familiarity with online ad tools and HTML.

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As the Internet became more popular, companies looked for ways to reach customers through online marketing, including ads on social networking sites and viral videos. A digital marketing campaign manager is a professional who creates those ads and reaches potential customers while working independently or with a small team.