How Can You Specialize a Marketing Degree in Mobile Marketing?

Mobile MarketingWith the advent of newer mobile and digital technologies, it is very important for students to consider the possibility to specialize a marketing degree in mobile marketing. More and more people are abandoning the usage of desktops and other stationary computing devices for more mobile options such as tablets, laptops, notebooks and cell phones. Marketers across the world are scrambling of trying to figure out ways of how to stay in tune with their consumers and it is important to know how to design and contextualize marketing strategies to fit the mobile space. Here is an overview of how someone can specialize in mobile marketing while pursuing a marketing degree in college.

General Requirements for a Marketing Degree

Before anyone can start taking high-level specialized courses in mobile marketing, students will still be expected to take general business education, general studies and marketing courses. Students in an bachelor’s program will start of with taking at least two years of general education studies. This will include taking courses in college algebra, history, social sciences, foreign languages and biology. Afterwards, students will start to take general business education courses such as finance, marketing, management, economics, accounting and sort of information technology class.

Types of Courses

Once you are done taking your foundational marketing courses, students then will move into taking high-level, specialized courses in mobile marketing. Courses include mobile marketing strategy, user experience/interface design, mobile app development for android, mobile app development of iOS, and mobile marketing campaigns. Course offerings will vary from college to college. Because mobile marketing is still a relatively new field, some course offerings might still be limited in most major universities. Also, it would be important to consider looking into taking courses outside of a business college and look at courses offered at computer science and engineering departments.


Another consideration is to look into taking coursework offered by independent mobile marketing trade associations that offer some sort of auxillary training program. This will allow students to take coursework outside of their college or university and still receive top notch mobile marketing education.


Mobile marketing salaries are tremendously high, because this is such a specialize niche field within business marketing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mobile marketers made an entry level salary of around $65,000 in 2012. Salaries will obviously vary based on years of experience, education, employer type, size of employer and geographic location. Salaries will definitely be higher in larger metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

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Mobile marketing is a tremendously growing field and individuals specializing in this should expect to make a lot of money in the coming years. As more and more people rely on mobile devices for their everyday technology needs, marketing agencies and major brands will need to learn how to adjust their marketing efforts to fit these growing platforms. If you ever considered this field, you can definitely specialize a marketing degree in mobile marketing.