How Does Knowing a Foreign Language Help in Marketing?

Knowing a Foreign Language in MarketingPower, influence and intelligence spring forth from how knowing foreign language can help in marketing. Companies with multi-national locations and clients are able to develop further growth, and marketers can study the intrinsic connection between marketing and culture.

Increasing Job Opportunities

When you consider all of the ways knowing a foreign language helps in marketing, you’ll understand that more job opportunities are often open to people who speak more than one language. Even if companies you’re interviewing with do not have a global presence right now, they could be looking to expand in the future, and your expertise might be just what they need. Showcasing the fact that you know more than one language on both your resume and during your interview can give you the edge you need to land the job in the first place.

Creating Advertisements for Foreign Audiences

Even if your company primarily focuses on marketing for the United States, this country has no official language. As a result, signs, billboards, advertisements and the like are often written in more than one language. However, companies do not want to make egregious mistakes in spelling, grammar and wording simply because they lack an awareness of the language. When you speak another language, you can help to craft these advertisements in a way that actually make sense for individuals who speak other languages. Knowing a foreign language helps in marketing, because you assist in expanding the target audience.

Interacting with Clients

Not every client who comes to the firm is going to speak English either. If these individuals see that the firm has inadequate language skills in his or her target area, then this person might leave the firm for another one. When you are the person who can speak the target language, then you have an opportunity to save this deal and to get the person talking about starting business with your company. Your skills are also extremely helpful if you are working with clients who are from other countries, because your business wants to expand.

Understanding The Culture and Target Audience

As you probably know, culture is tied to the target audience. When you understand the target audience, you can make advertisements that are better geared toward them, and culture plays a large role in who people are. As a result, the connection between language and culture is extremely important. Language helps you to better understand a culture and to better speak the terms of that culture. Knowing a foreign language means that you can see what influences the people of a particular language and what elements of their culture mean the most to them.

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Study-Abroad Programs

Understanding all angles of marketing can help you to hone your skills and to become stronger in the fields. While companies in the United States might have one particular way of addressing marketing goals, other countries can have methods that are just as important to study. When you learn another language, you can consider a marketing study-abroad program, such as the one at the Mays Business School. In these programs, you can have the chance to learn the techniques that other marketing industries use. Finding out about potential internship programs while you are in the other country helps to open up the door to job opportunities after you graduate.