How Is the Trend of “Mobile Marketing” Taught in College Marketing Degree Courses?

From tablet computers to smartphones, a global revolution marked by anywhere and anytime media has begun. As a result of these new technological developments, businesses are now recognizing that electronic devices bring with them a plethora of revenue opportunities. Mobile marketing has become an integral aspect of the way businesses inform the public about the goods and services they have to offer. In defining mobile marketing, Mashable notes that Andreas Kaplan defines mobile marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.”

Because of the primacy of mobile devices in the contemporary world, many colleges have begun offering classes on mobile marketing. If you are interested in pursuing a degree or certification in the field of marketing, it would be advantageous for you to gain an understanding of what these classes include. As with any college course or degree program, the way mobile marketing is taught will vary from institution to institution. Some of the course listings you might expect to see include Introduction to Mobile Marketing, Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business, and Advanced Mobile Marketing. Here is a brief overview of the ideology that precipitates each course.

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Studies indicate that over half of American consumers who have purchased something through their smartphone did so because of a mobile marketing message. Analysts expect that sales of smartphones will surpass 1 billion as the year 2016 ends. All of these factors indicate that the way consumers connect with the world and interact with brands has changed because of mobile devices. This makes learning more about mobile payments, QR codes, mobile coupons, applications, and location-based marketing ideal. Through this course, you will learn how mobile marketing enables you to retain your current customer base while also attaining new clients.

Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business (non-technical course)

As many marketing experts know, cell phone apps are the newest way a business can reach customers. These days, almost everyone carries and uses one. And this is why organizations all over the world are investing in creating cell phone apps for businesses. In this course, you’ll gain instructions on how to build and market a smartphone application across several electronic devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.

Advanced Mobile Marketing

This course is designed to equip people with the knowledge necessary to implement a mobile marketing plan in their organization. You can learn about developing a mobile marketing campaign, proximity marketing, and mobile marketing metrics. You can also learn about ways to promote an app on the web, track your application usage, and build a landing for the application. Additionally, you’ll be able to take home an outline of ways to create standards for your mobile marketing campaign as well as how to measure its efficacy. At the end of the course, you will leave with the information necessary to effectively implement a mobile marketing plan in your business or organization.


As the world continues shifting, mobile devices continue gaining prevalence in the day to day lives of consumers .Individuals who are pursuing a degree in marketing or simply want to learn more about how to effectively launch a mobile marketing campaign should strongly consider taking one or several of the aforementioned courses. In so doing, they will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the world of 21st century mobile marketing.