How Is the Trend of “Social Media Marketing” Taught in College Marketing Degree Courses?

Are you pursuing a degree in marketing? If you are comparing all of the reputable colleges and distance education institutions offering marketing degree programs, it is important to understand how the programs keep up with trends in the world of digital marketing. While digital marketing has been around for the last decade, a new growing trend that older marketing professionals and basic marketing degree programs may not be familiar with is social media marketing.

With more and more small and large businesses shifting their focus from traditional marketing tactics to a social media marketing strategy, there is a need to understand the basics of social media marketing when you are applying for a position in the field. Not all colleges have redesigned their degree programs, but many have revamped their programs to educate a more modern student base in a more modern world of marketing. The core classes in most Marketing degree programs will still focus on developing the same knowledge base and skills, but digital marketing will become a new sub-discipline focus even when you are not enrolled in an Internet Marketing degree program.

The Growing Popularity of the Internet Marketing Degree Program

When you enroll in a straightforward Marketing program, you may briefly cover online marketing tactics like social media marketing, but the focus in this type of Bachelor’s degree program is going to be on understanding consumer behavior, distributing products, collecting data, analyzing data, decision-making in marketing, advertising, retail operations, wholesale operations, merchandising, branding, buyers, and more. When you complete this type of traditional Marketing program, you will be ready to enter the marketing sector in an entry-level position.

It is important to understand that while online marketing is growing in popularity, you do need a foundation of knowledge about the sector to succeed in both online and offline marketing positions. If you want to become a marketing professional that specializes in social media tactics and strategies, you will still need the core skills taught in a traditional marketing program to compete in the industry. With this being said, more and more colleges are starting to develop degree programs that have a direct focus on Internet Marketing. The Internet Marketing Bachelor’s Degree program will give students a specialized knowledge in Internet marketing and social media in a formal classroom setting.

What Does the Internet Marketing Bachelor’s Degree Program Teach?

If you plan on working in the sub-sector of Internet marketing, Internet marketing programs offered by accredited institutions will teach you everything that you need to know with a focus on the Internet. Some of the class focuses will include training on:

-Internet consumer behavior
-Development of online campaigns
-Online survey tools
-Architecture of an optimized and successful website
-Social media marketing strategies
-Search Engine Optimization
-How to optimize websites on-page and off-page
-Internet law
-Integrating online and offline branding

Social media marketing was once a self-taught discipline. Now, with colleges recognizing the growing trend of social media strategies, new Internet marketing degree programs are being developed to train a modern marketing student population. With more and more employers calling for social media skills and only 1290 graduates to the 39,800 job openings, the outlook for new graduates has never been better. Attend a specialized degree program and gain the skills you need to work in online marketing positions.