How Much Does a Marketing Director Make?

Marketing DirectorHow much does a Marketing Director make once they are offered this high-level position? This may be a common question posed by both marketing specialists and marketing students, but it does not have a clear cut answer. Salaries reported for Marketing Directors can range based on several different details about the professional’s position and their experience in the field. If you want to learn about the salaries for directors so that you can decide if this is the right position to work towards, here is information that you need to consider before you use average salaries to help guide your decision.

How You Should Use the Average Marketing Director Salary

You cannot put much weight on the national average salary for Marketing Directors simply because the salaries range so much between corporations and industries. With this being said, knowing the average can give you some peace of mind. A national average salary is calculated by collecting the salaries of all professionals in the field, totaling them, and then dividing them by the number of professionals currently working in the field. As you can see, this method can skew the salaries reported when there are several professionals who earn significantly more than a majority. Based on the statistics, the median salary reported for Marketing Directors is $110,030 per year, according to Glassdoor. Now you need to know how the industry can play a role in how much you earn.

How the Industry You Work in can Affect Your Earning Potential

Now that you have a general idea of what salaries are like averaged between new directors and experienced directors, the next step is learning how the industry that you choose to work in can affect how much you make annually. As a Marketing Director, your salary is directly impacted by the sales and revenues of the company that you work for. Some industries have much higher revenues than others, and industries that are flourishing tend to offer marketing directors the best pay. It is best to avoid industries that are shrinking and to focus on landing a job in industries ranked the highest in wages. Some of the best opportunities are in entertainment, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and fossil fuels.

How the Region You Work in Can Affect Your Pay

Are you willing to relocate to earn the highest possible salary? Do you want to stay put and earn a salary based on the region that you live in? This is another factor you will need to consider to determine how much you can make as a Marketing Director. Some of the top paying jobs are offered by corporations in New York, but there are also high paying positions in places like California and New Jersey. The number of positions that are available also pay a role in regional salaries.

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You need to consider what it takes to become a Marketing Director. Not only should you have a Bachelor’s in Marketing or Business Administration, you will also need experience in the field. You may also want to gain leverage for the top-paying positions by earning your MBA or master’s degree and showing your dedication to the discipline. Now that you know how much a marketing director makes, you can decide if this title is worth the commitment.