How Versatile Is A Sports Marketing Degree?

In discussing the different types of passions that people have which could be channeled into a career in sports marketing, Lewis Howes points out that people who enjoy “sports, sales, meeting people, creative challenges, a fast pace, and travel” would be a good fit. Although many people have a deep passion for these things, however, they choose not to pursue a career in the field because of fear that they won’t be able to do a lot with the degree. However, research findings indicate that some sports degrees-such as one in sports marketing-can be very versatile. Thus before you rule out pursuing a career in sports, consider the various career options you would have upon attaining a degree in sports marketing.

Corporate Communications Manager

This job affords you an opportunity to work for a sports company or team. An estimate of the annual salary you can expect to earn is $87,822. While this salary does not quite meet the six figure income that some people look forward to, you can actually expect to make that and more in the event that you earn a job as a communications manager for a big sports product company or as a communications manager for a major league team. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, you will need to attain a degree in public relations or marketing. Some of the responsibilities you would have as a corporate communications manager include development of the team’s brand, services, and products. Emphasis would also be placed on building the team’s reputation. Desirable assets would include the acquisition of a wide network within the sports industry.

Event Marketing Associate

Just as a position as a Corporate Communications Manager will involve working with a sports company or team, a job as an event marketing associate will afford you the same opportunity. A career in this field will earn you about $55,000 a year. A job in this field is very important and can be very interesting because sports events are one of the most common ways to promote sports-related products. This job may be particularly ideal for individuals who have a passion for marketing and want to transition into the world of sports marketing because it does not require a formal sports marketing background. In addition to organizing sports events, some of the responsibilities for individuals who operate in this field will include communicating with sports product companies (the client), sports teams, and advertisers.

Sports Agents

Individuals who are interested in attaining an economically lucrative career in the field of sports marketing will be happy to note that becoming a sports agent can generate an annual salary of $1,000,000. However, only sports agents of high-ranking NFL and NBA teams are likely to earn this much. Other factors affecting your salary include how many clients you have, which sports they play, and how much money they earn. Thus individuals who are just starting out as sports agents are not likely to make much money during the beginning. In short, this career takes time to build. However, when you succeed at it, you’ll likely be happy you did because of the millionaire status you can attain.


Although you may have thought that your career opportunities with a sports marketing degree were limited, the aforementioned positions prove that there are many things you can do with the degree. In addition to those listed above, a sports marketing degree can earn you entry into the fields of public relations, fundraising, sports law, promotions, events management, advertising, and the restaurant and hospitality industry. As you begin working towards your degree, carefully consider which one of these fields will be most suitable to your personality and goals. In so doing, you’ll be on the path to creating a great career that offers you the personal fulfillment and salary you need.