Is It Better To Work In a Marketing Internship Program After Getting My Bachelors Degree Or To Get My Masters In Marketing?

marketingIf you are like most new college graduates the question on your mind is probably “Where do I go from here?” In many cases, the most important discovery they have made in earning their diploma in a certain subject is to realize that this is not the way they want to spend their careers. If this is where you are, there’s good news. Many employers will hire people based solely on the fact that you have a degree, regardless of what subject it is in. After all, prior to beginning any job there is a period of training, regardless of what a degree is in. And it is the consensus that what you need to know that employer will teach you.

On the Other Hand

You could decide to get some sort of job as a means of putting food on your table and a roof over your head, but there could be other options; perhaps taking an internship or going back for a master’s degree in another area such as marketing. Fortunately, these are both viable options.

As valuable as internships have proven themselves to be in terms of gaining experience, there is one big problem that rears its head at the thought of taking one. This is the fact that an overwhelming majority of them do not pay. The only money an intern receives is in the form of reimbursement for expenses.

An important consideration with an internship is the valuable experience it will give you if you do apply to a program leading to a master’s degree in marketing. History has proven that regardless of the subject a bachelor’s degree is in, an internship in another field can give considerable credence to an applicant’s desire to either switch career fields entirely or to apply for a program leading to a master’s degree in marketing.

The Future is Yours

Whether you decide to take an internship or apply directly to a program for a master’s degree in marketing is a personal decision that anyone must make for themselves. It’s a decision that everyone must make to one extent or another, and after a considerable amount of soul searching. In reality, it’s not a matter of whether you want to become a marketer or not. It’s a matter of deciding what you want to do with your life. The lucky people in this world are the ones who determine early in their lives what they want their lives to be about. But whether a person discovers their purpose in life when they are young or after a few years have passed, the important point is to discover that purpose.