How Do You Specialize an Advertising Degree?

Advertising SpecializationsStudents will be happy to know that there are many ways to specialize an advertising degree. One of the best advantages of distance education is that students can access dozens of unique advertising specializations through online colleges, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

MBA in Advertising

Although there are few MBA in Advertising specializations available, these rare programs combines the solid business regiment of an MBA program with advanced advertising coursework. Graduates will be prepared to initiate consumer studies, analyze report data and select appropriate advertising mediums for specific campaigns. They will also understand how to create competitive pricing strategies and ensure that marketing strategies are fiscally fit to achieve maximum ROI. MBA in Advertising programs usually include classes that explore consumer behaviors and market research. This is important because students must concisely understand the subtle impacts that advertising has on purchase decisions. Finally, these programs will most likely introduce students to innovative advertising concepts, such as social media planning and client service models.

Digital Advertising

A digital advertising specialization will cover the intersecting fields of social media, digital marketing and online public relations. This concentration focuses heavily on social media platforms and their potential business applications. Students are taught how to build engaging content that performs well in social media. They are also taught how to utilize social analytic tools to continually evaluate the performance of social media advertising. A digital advertising specialization will certainly make students think about how to strategically maximize digital market research to their advantage. After social media, students will study how to use alternative multimedia communications to create an integrated advertising campaign, which will include emerging mobile device technology.

Marketing and Advertising

A marketing and advertising specialization is a popular choice for students who want to learn how to communicate market demands to developers, who in turn create valuable product and services for consumers. Marketing incorporates all the development and communication functions that connect consumers and producers. Marketing draws on the fields of media, finance, psychology and even statistics. On the other hand, advertising is the science of communicating product or service’s value to consumers. These two fields intersect with strategic planning, product development and customer relationship management. This degree specialization teaches students how perform market research, product planning and promotional advertising activities. Students will learn all the key concepts central to both fields which will enable them to take on an intermediary role in their career.

Integrated Communications

An integrated communications specialization is an interdisciplinary degree program that combines elements of PR, media, advertising and communications studies. Students will learn about media culture, research, planning and buying. They will study advertising design, practices, innovation and copy writing. Students will master how to develop and implement digital and traditional strategic advertising campaigns. There are standard communications classes about advanced creative and persuasive writing techniques. There are also many very distinct classes, such as media vocabulary, public relations writing and integrated marketing communications.

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Through the power of the Internet and online schools, students can easily specialize an advertising degree, which is an excellent choice for individuals who want career mobility and flexibility.