What Are The 5 Best Cities For Marketing Jobs?

Small businesses who want to become large corporations and large corporations who want to make the Fortune 500 list all understand the importance of marketing. If your goal is to enter the busy and chaotic career world of marketing, it is important to research which cities are the best for these types of positions. Not only must you consider the average marketing salary reported in the city, you also must consider where the opportunities are highly likely to exist. If you are up to relocating to find the best marketing career opportunity fresh out of college, here are 5 of the best cities for marketing jobs.

Some Important Factors to Consider When Comparing the Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

With thousands of different suburban and metropolitan cities to choose from, you have a lot of work to do to cross major cities off of your list of contenders. While location is an important factor to keep in mind, there are major cities located less than 100 miles from one another that offer dramatically different opportunity, and this is why location is not the only factor that you should consider. If you want to live by the beach, in the suburbs, on the west coast, or on the east coast, keep this in the back of your mind as you are comparing the 5 best cities for marketing careers. Here are other factors that play a role in the decision-making process:

-Which industries are growing and succeeding in the city and how will marketing play a role?
-What is the unemployment rate in the city?
-What is the wage growth percentage in the city?
-Are there Fortune 500 companies or growing corporations located in the city?

The Top 5 Cities

Some cities are known for offering the best jobs in specific industries. What makes the field of marketing different is that all industries need a marketing team. From the cosmetics industry to information technology, all companies in manufacturing and the service industry need someone to brand and promote the brand. Here are 5 of the top cities with the most opportunities:

Minneapolis, MN

With a low unemployment rate, wage growth of 3.2 percent, and a thriving economy, Minneapolis is an unexpected city that makes the list. The manufacturing, medical equipment and electronics industries are all huge in this city, making it a great place to find marketing and project manager positions with major companies.

New York, NY

It is no surprise that New York is a top city for marketing jobs. New York is home to Avon, Estee Lauder, and many other fashion and cosmetics brands looking for talented marketers. New York carries the highest volume of marketing positions, making it a great place to start and work up the ladder. Media, cosmetics, fashion, clothing, and service giants are all hiring and there are currently over 3250 positions in the field available.

San Francisco, CA

If you prefer to stay on the west coast, San Francisco has over 1500 listings for marketing jobs. In addition to the high volume of listings, wage growth in San Francisco has held up fairly well compared to the modest economy at 1.1 percent over a period of 5 years.

San Jose, CA

If you would prefer living away from the chaos in San Francisco, San Jose is another option in California with just under 1500 marketing job listings. There are positions for entry-level candidates and experienced managers alike, and San Jose is a great place to start or raise a family.

Chicago, IL

Chicago has high unemployment rates, but it is a great place for working professionals who are looking for a career in marketing. In Chicago, there are more than 1200 open marketing positions, and one of the highest wage growth percentages at 1.7 percent.

There are cities all throughout the nation that are great for graduates with a degree in marketing. If you want to enter the field, gain experience, and build your own brand, consider one of the top 5 cities above to start your professional life.