What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

A business is comprised of a number of different departments, each of them working together to ensure that the company as a whole is successful. Marketing is one of the most important departments, as it is the marketer’s job to reach out to the public and keep them informed on what products and services that the business offers and how the public can benefit from these. Even within the marketing department, there are several sub-categories. One of the most important in today’s world is social media marketing. Considering a large portion of the population uses social media, it’s an easy and effective way to reach the masses. But what exactly does a social media marketer do?

The various responsibilities of a social media marketer

A social media marketer is in charge of every aspect of a company’s social media presence. This means that they manage all of the different company accounts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. During their day, they will check these accounts and make updates that advertise the company and what’s going on with it. That means if there is a sale or promotion going on, the social media marketer is in charge of relaying that information to the base of followers that the company has on every social media site. In addition, they will try to stay in touch with the community by asking questions and responding to comments left by other users.

The importance of social media marketing

A business social media presence is expected in the modern world. Twitter and Facebook users will seek out their favorite businesses on those sites and make an effort to follow them, showing their brand loyalty while simultaneously keeping up to date with everything that is going on at their favorite companies. Social media marketing is vital because of this expectation and also because social media is such an easy way to reach existing and potential customers. It costs nothing to sign up for social media sites (aside from certain sites like LinkedIn), so you are essentially getting free advertising as a business. And since social media is such a huge thing in modern day society, you can guarantee that your target market- or someone connected to your target market- is going to be online.

Up and coming and anonymous social media sites

In addition to staying on top of all of today’s hottest social media sites, a social media marketer is also responsible for looking out for new social media sites. Being one of the first companies on a fairly undiscovered social media site will allow the company to build a strong presence fast while there is little competition. They can advertise to a larger portion of the community and show that they are up to date with all of the latest trends. In addition, there are social media sites such as Reddit where a company can sign on anonymously and promote products, advertising subliminally without having to come out and say that they work for company X.