What Is a Good Minor To Complement a Marketing Degree?

You’re creative, driven and a born salesperson. You have decided on a major in marketing, but what minor will you pursue? The answer depends on what you’re planning to do with your degree. Designing advertisements for a large corporation requires different skills than starting your own business or pitching directly to consumers, but the right minor can ensure you get the training you need for whatever path you’re pursuing.

Business Minors

More and more students are choosing to pursue a business minor because the coursework opens up numerous career opportunities. Large companies want to know that new hires can fit into the corporate world, and a business minor shows recruiters that you understood corporate culture. Business classes show you understand the basic operational philosophy behind management decisions, meaning you’ll be a more understanding employee. If you’re planning to open your own firm, taking courses from the business department will prepare you to manage employees and finances. No matter where you want to go with your marketing degree, business classes can help you get there.

Artistic Minors

Coursework in Art, Writing or Graphic Design compliment a marketing degree, especially if you want to create consumer-focused advertisements. Showcase your creative skills with coursework in these areas, and earn a minor so future employers can see you’ve had rigorous training. Pursuing an artistic minor makes you well-rounded and will help you work well with an interdisciplinary marketing team. Plus, one reason to pursue a minor is to have a chance to take classes you enjoy. Who wouldn’t enjoy taking a break from stressful coursework with a class in drawing or creative writing?

Social Science Minors

Understanding the human brain is a key step to being a successful marketer. A minor in Psychology, Sociology or other social sciences will give you insight into human behavior. You’ll learn how to captivate audiences of many ages and cultural backgrounds, and you’ll learn how to access cutting-edge research into human psychology. Plus, your minor will help you work well with team members from diverse backgrounds. Social science coursework prepares you to work face-to-face with customers or excel in a corporate environment.

A college minor in business, the social sciences or an artistic field will compliment your marketing degree and expose you to different ways of thinking. Earning a minor is easy; you only need to take four or five extra classes, some of which may count as electives for your marketing degree. Coursework from another discipline gives your mind a chance to recover and helps you build a larger social network. Your marketing skills are in demand in many different fields; the more people you meet, the more of a chance you have to demonstrate your value. Remember, your next internship or job offer could come from a professor you meet outside of the marketing department while pursuing a minor.