What is a Master of Science in Marketing?

Are you an analytical person pursuing a career in Marketing? If you answered yes, it is important to compare all of your degree options in the field so that you choose the right path to secure a position in the huge field of marketing. A Master of Arts in Marketing is a very common major, but for individuals who want to develop and master skills in marketing research and analytics, the Master of Science program is much more suitable. A Master of Science in Marketing is targeted to graduate students who prefer to study much more complex and analytical material than offered in an MA or an MBA in Marketing program. Read this guide to the Master of Science in Marketing program, and decide if this is the right graduate-level degree for you. 

What Does a Master of Science in Marketing Teach?

An Bachelor of Science in Marketing will help undergraduate students gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the field. A Master’s degree program, as the name implies, is all about helping students master more complex and real-world material that isn’t covered at the lower levels. If your goal in the field of Marketing is mastery, the MS program will deliver it. Once you complete the program, you will gain technical skills and an expertise in marketing tools and concepts, particularly surrounding data, strategic planning, analytics, creative implementation, assessing campaign results, and research.

How Long Will it Take to Earn a Master of Science in Marketing?

Once you earn a Bachelor’s degree program from an accredited school, you may be eligible to apply for admissions to an MS program. Both your GPA and the Graduate Record Exam scores will be reviewed before you will be accepted to an accredited school. As you are comparing different Master of Science programs with a concentration in Marketing, you may want to compare the semester hours you must complete and the duration of the program before you enroll. Some Master’s programs take 2 years full-time and others can be completed in as little as a year.

What Can You Do With a Master of Science?

It is only natural for a student to question whether or not attending graduate school is worth the investment. One way to determine if you really need a graduate-level degree is taking the time to learn how the degree will help you advance your career. With a MS, you can fulfill requirements to become a high-level market research analyst, a public relations manager, brand management, an advertising manager, or an advertising executive. With more and more organizations, agencies, and firms focusing on profitability, expansion, and pricing, the need for experts in marketing has never been higher.

If you want to earn an advanced degree so that you can advance your career in marketing, decide if the Master of Science program is right for you. You will learn how to address the critical issues that firms are facing today, which marketing programs to choose for results, how to assess a campaign, and how to give a company a competitive advantage in short. During the program, you will also be assigned a student project that must be completed to graduate. By completing the MS in Marketing, you can become an expert and earn a living communicating value.