What Is A Sports Marketing Degree?

Sports marketing is a potentially lucrative field that provides job opportunities for those who come from a sports background and those who don’t. A sports marketer is responsible for promoting sports events, sports teams and their products and services. If you’re considering pursuing a sports marketing degree, consider these points.

What Exactly is a Degree in Sports Marketing?

According to Sports Networker, the sports marketing industry is a billion-dollar one. A degree in sports marketing is surprisingly interdisciplinary – degree candidates focus on business, of course, but science, math, and English are covered as well. The statistical understanding imparted by a good math core, coupled with language abilities, a basic physiological understanding of athletes, and of course marketing will all prepare candidates to be successful in the field. Many schools offer more focused courses that apply general principles specifically to the world of sports.

You can earn a sports marketing degree in a traditional college setting, but if you can’t afford to spend that much time away from school and work, some programs offer all-online degrees. One such program is University of Northwestern Ohio. This program adds in sports management too.

What’s Next After Graduating?

Get ready, because many people, right after graduating, head off to work. On the other hand, some degree earners opt to go for an MBA, a degree decision that may put you in more debt but also help increase earning potential. Some schools even offer sports-specific MBAs, though this degree is hard to find and isn’t a necessity.

When transitioning to the job market, realize that there are ample career opportunities in many sub-fields. You may find yourself in event management, advertising, marketing, public relations, fundraising, etc.

What Traits Work Well With This Degree?

Sports Marketing is an interpersonally demanding degree. Frequently, people in this industry travel a good bit. This lifestyle works well for some people and not so well for others, so looking into the job market and/or talking to industry professionals would be a wise choice if you’re unsure of the merits of working in the industry. It also takes commitment. Especially if you’re marketing/selling a product, you need to be behind it 100%. Judicious enthusiasm and a controlled high-energy can work wonders.

When deciding to get a sports marketing degree, look at programs carefully. Examine their different focuses, etc., and pick one that works for you. In addition, try and make at least a rough map of your career trajectory. What comes after undergraduate? An MBA? Work experience? A common path is that of working and then getting an MBA. This allows you to save money and pay off loan debt before further educating yourself. Regardless of outcome, take your time to make decisions, and you’ll be able to get the most out of your sports marketing degree.