What is Gamification and Visuals in Relation to Marketing?

Gamification in MarketingGamification and visuals in relation to marketing is a new online strategy for increasing the online audience and piquing a customer’s interest in a product or service. This rapidly growing tactic has been found to be incredibly effective when applied correctly.

Gamification with Regards to Marketing

Gamification involves the application of games and game strategies in settings that are not specifically designed for games to be played. According to an article in The New York Times, many companies are using these game-like tricks to get people hooked on their products and services. It is largely successful too, thanks to the Internet and Smartphone technology. They allow people to engage with a company or product for an extended period of time, up to 30 percent more time than they would otherwise.

There are five different mechanics that are found in successful game campaigns in marketing. These mechanics include:

These points can either be used to measure achievements in the game, such as enemies killed or obstacles avoided. Some companies have found success utilizing them in the context as a rewards currency. A very high number of points can be used to unlock digital content or inexpensive gifts.

Badges are a great way to mark achievement as well. They can be displayed on a board or other public space to show what a user has done. Many games in marketing allow users to post their badges to Facebook and other social media sites as a way of bragging. This generates increased interest in the game.

These will need to be unlocked, giving the user the sense that he or she is doing something.

Leaderboards directly show who is the best, allowing users to compare themselves with one another. This generates competition, which in turn generates increased interest in the game.

Give users a specific task to work towards completing. Users who complete the tasks will be rewarded for doing so.

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Visuals with Regards to Marketing

Visuals in marketing are another way of engaging customers and causing them to spend more time on a site. They can either simply be pictures that are visually stunning, or infographics that display information in a concise, entertaining manner. There are several different advantages that can be gained by using visuals.

Attention Grabbing
Visuals tend to capture the attention of the reader. This is a huge achievement on an Internet that provides stimulation on every level. It will cause the information in the visual or infographic to stand out against other websites and make readers more likely to venture further into the site.

Easy to Read
This especially applies to infographics. Statistical information will usually be ignored by the average reader. Infographics allow the reader to simply have to look at the information to absorb it.

Adding visuals to a website is a great way to easily deliver information to a reader, as well as capture their attention. Using games to promote products and encourage engagement with the company will result in extended time spent on the company’s website. Gamification and visuals in relation to marketing is sure to help improve any campaign and result in greater profits.