What Kind of Courses Would I Take as a Marketing Major

The curriculum for a degree in marketing varies with the degree. Generally, most marketing students take general liberal arts classes as a foundation. In addition, there are math, writing and communication classes, studies in business language, technology and psychology. Higher degrees require more study, of course.

What Does a Marketing Associate Degree Require

Associate level marketing studies center on discovering what people want and how to sell products to them. This degree would be a great background for someone starting their own business. Associate Degree classes may include

  • Market Research
  • Accounting
  • E-marketing
  • Market Strategies
  • Market Trends
  • Operational management
  • Promotions and Publicity
  • Principles of Selling
  • Web Design

Candidates for an Associate’s degree may also be required to submit a portfolio. This is a showcase of your classwork and any special projects you have completed. The portfolio may be used along with a resume to attract potential employers.

How Does the Curriculum Differ for Higher Marketing Degrees

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher are expected to be able to employ marketing skills to meet corporate goals. They should also be able to conduct market research and interpret data. These graduates need to be able to use psychology and an understanding of technology to move inventory or sell ideas. Generally, most degrees require around 120 hours of study, of which a quarter are in the major. The advanced degrees are heavy on math as it relates to business. Graduates study finance, payroll, calculation of interest and valuation of inventory among other things. There is also an emphasis on effective communication which includes classes in verbal and non-verbal communication, business writing, and fluency in business language. There are classes in technology and in research techniques as well. Students wanting higher degrees in marketing get a grasp of business psychology as it applies to customer relations. Psychology classes are intended to help graduates establish good interpersonal relations with teams and management too. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree candidates also study world cultural differences to allow graduates to work in international marketing. Other courses will vary by school, but degrees allow for elective studies and a minor field of study.

Why Would Someone Pursue a Higher Degree

Many people want only an associate degree so that they have basic knowledge of the business world and can open their own businesses or work at entry level jobs. People with advanced degrees in business can earn top salaries and work at varied and exciting jobs. Forbes Magazine says that income for someone with a Master’s degree can expect to reach six figures. In a weak economy, however, that expectation had dimmed somewhat. Career Monster, an online source for finding the best careers to pursue, says that since 2010 that dim outlook has been changing and businesses are hiring again. The career options for people holding marketing degrees run the gamut between working in the hospitality and tourist industry to international marketing.

The Courses Depend on What Degree You Seek.

The degree you pursue, of course, is determined by what you hope to achieve. What courses will you take to get a marketing degree? Well, where do you want marketing to take you?