What Types of Jobs are Available in Mobile Marketing?

Mobile MarketingTo know about the types of jobs available in mobile marketing, it helps to understand a little about the channels businesses use to advertise their products and services. There isn’t really a field of marketing devoted solely to mobile devices, although promoting brands and businesses on smartphones is one of the most important marketing methods of the digital era.

According to Smart Insights, people currently access the Internet from mobile devices about 40 percent of the time, so businesses promoting their products and services through conventional desktop channels can almost double their ad impressions by advertising on mobile devices. There are many advertising methods within the category of mobile marketing, and professional marketers need to know when to use each of these methods as well as when to use alternative channels.

How to Become an Internet and Mobile Marketer

The most common and effective form of marketing currently being used is called inbound, or content, marketing. This strategy involves creating useful, informational or entertaining content that people are searching for on the Internet and then bringing new customers to your client’s website by offering this content. The older method, called outbound marketing, is the more traditional strategy of buying ad space on radio, television, magazines and other places, and most mobile marketing falls into this category.

With mobile marketing, you essentially show ads to people who are using the mobile apps or mobile websites that are relevant to your client’s business, although there is also an aspect of inbound marketing involved in mobile advertising. Mainly, it involves optimizing the client’s website for smartphones and possibly creating an adaptive or responsive website for the client. The area of digital marketing extends to Web design as well as SEO and content creation, and most Web design businesses provide all of these services.

As a result, it’s not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing to do mobile marketing professionally, and you can get started much more quickly by pursuing an associate’s degree in Web design. When you promote your clients’ brands and businesses, you will use a wide range of strategies, including social media promotion, blogging, Web advertising and mobile marketing. You can focus entirely on marketing and let your clients hire other services to build their websites and mobile apps, or you can provide a comprehensive Web design service that includes SEO and marketing.

A Career in Marketing

If you do decide to get a four-year marketing degree, you should also learn the basics of Web design to make yourself competitive in this field. With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be qualified to join the staff of a corporation that hires a marketing team to do brand promotion internally, and you will need to know at least as much about the various advertising channels as you would in a small Web design firm.

With a bachelor’s degree, you could potentially make more than $115,750 per year, although this salary would come when you have years of experience, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a Web designer, you could make about $62,500 on average, and once you become established, this amount could increase.

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As people increasingly access the Internet from smartphones, mobile marketing is becoming more and more important. If you have an outgoing personality and a passion for brand promotion, find out about the types of jobs available in mobile marketing.