What Types of Jobs Are Available in Web Marketing?

Web marketingThe types of jobs available in web marketing range from jobs writing content for website owners to building sites and promoting those sites. Though traditional marketing, including newspaper ads and billboards, are still common, more companies now want to grab the attention of people shopping online from their home computers and using their smartphones and tablets while on the go. With a college degree and some computer experience, you can land a job in almost any web marketing field.

Social Media Specialist

Are you the type of person who uses Twitter to keep informed about the latest news? Do you seldom let a few hours go by without checking Facebook? Do you post reviews on Yelp and check in on Foursquare? If you have experience with these sites and apps and others, you might find success as a social media specialist. A social media specialist is someone who creates updates for sites, runs the social networking sites of a company, individual or organization and generally ensures that his or her clients have a strong online presence.

Online Reputation Expert

An online reputation expert is one of the types of jobs available in web marketing. These experts search the web to find negative comments and information about their clients and find ways to change the online reputations of those clients. This often involves finding former customers willing to post positive reviews and finding ways to increase the page ranking of the sites while decreasing the page rankings of sites with negative information posted. They essentially change the way that others think about their clients and work hard to ensure that only the best information about their clients appears on the web.

Web Designer

Web designers and developers create websites for others. They must have knowledge of proper coding, an understanding of what people want when searching the web and know how to create ads that blend with the page but still grab the attention of others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers make a median annual salary of $62,500 and a median hourly salary of $30.05. Designers can work for corporations, advertising firms or on their own. Some of the top web developers work from home or out of their own offices and charge a set rate for each client based on the amount of work needed.

Content Specialist

One of the types of jobs available in web marketing that you might not think of is a content specialist. If you love writing on various topics and working on your own, this might be the perfect job for you. As a content specialist, you create articles and blog posts that your clients use on their sites. You add keywords and phrases as needed that add something to the article without feeling out of place. Content specialists often work with a wide range of clients and may write articles on dozens of different topics every week.

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Thanks to the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets, some people now use those devices more than they use their computers. Web marketing experts use different techniques and methods to gain more attention for their clients. The types of jobs available in web marketing today now include jobs as content specialists, web designers and developers, online reputation experts and social media experts.