What Types of Jobs Are Available With a Sports Marketing Degree?

Sports MarketingIf you have given any consideration to the pursuit of a career in the sports marketing sector, you may be interested in learning what types of jobs with a sports marketing degree you can obtain. By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question.

Sports Marketing – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, sports marketing is basically a subset of marketing that places primacy on promoting sporting teams and events while also promoting other services and products via sports teams and sporting events. Within the world of sports marketing, employees can promote brand names and/or physical products. Ultimately, people who work within the field seek to provide the client with implementable strategies in order to promote a sport or sport-related product.

Sports Marketing Jobs

There are a plethora of jobs within the sports marketing sector that an individual can pursue, and some of them include:

Account Director

After obtaining a sports marketing degree, you can apply for a position as an account director with a sports marketing firm. The account director functions as the client’s first contact during the marketing campaign. She or he is responsible for ensuring that the client is satisfied as well as for growing any existing accounts. Account directors will also prepare, review, and deliver informational reports to the business’s director, VP or C-Level executives. The account director is also responsible for building relationships with the client. Finally, the account director demonstrates team leadership by motivating teammates and ensuring that each team member grasps the client’s business and marketing goals. Indeed reports that account directors earn an average annual salary of $85,000.

Event Manager

Within the world of sports marketing, event managers can complete a wide variety of tasks. Some of them can include managing and executing events as well as the equipment that will be used within it. Event managers may also negotiate agreements to facilitate fiscal responsibility while ensuring that the highest quality products and services are offered. The event manager may also be responsible for the development of event recaps, participant feedback, and event profiles. Additionally, the event manager can coordinate with representatives from the company’s other departments to fulfill various business objectives.

Brand Specialist

A brand specialist is an individual who works directly or indirectly with a sports vendor for the purpose of developing the business’s goods and services. To be successful, the brand specialist should be hard-working, creative, analytical, and enthusiastic. The brand specialist will be responsible for fulfilling several objectives, some of which can include operating as a business owner for the vendor by possessing a comprehensive understanding of the internal and external components of the business. The brand specialist will also negotiate costs and promotional opportunities for the business’s product. Additionally, the brand specialist can manage purchase orders and/or in-stock analysis.

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If you have given any consideration to pursuing a sports marketing degree, you should know that there are a plethora of different jobs that you can attain once you complete your education. Now that you are aware of several types of jobs with a sports marketing degree you can pursue, you can determine which would best enable you to realize your personal and professional goals.