What Types of Marketing Jobs Are International?

Marketing JobsThe types of marketing jobs that are international almost always mirror domestic marketing positions. The field of marketing is the business function that promotes products, services or brands to a targeted group of customers, according to the American Marketing Association. The same critical thinking skills, marketing principles and frameworks are needed whether one is working domestically or in a foreign country. Here are some prominent marketing jobs that are utilized within international settings.

Market Researcher

International market researchers use quantitative analysis skills to turn data into useful information for a variety of stakeholders. The results from market research are made available to multi-functional marketing teams to guide marketing operations and decision-making. However, the information is also made available to other business functional managers and executive officers when they review a company’s strategic direction. For example, financial managers who are responsible for determining corporate investment strategy find up to date market research results invaluable. The trends that market research analysts can identify through statistical analysis of a foreign market can help companies avoid risky international mergers and acquisitions or be the first to respond to investment opportunities within a country.

Promotions And Sales Manager

Marketing professionals who are trained in promotions and sales have the opportunity to directly influence revenues and profits. These people must have keen knowledge of the foreign country that is the object of their promotional activities. For instance, these managers rely on the information given to them by market research analysts to advertise and create special promotions that are valuable to targeted international customers. The international promotions and sales functions require that marketing professionals keep abreast of the issues that affect their new international customers and respond in an ethical and socially responsible way. These marketing professionals are usually responsible for creating promotions that garner good will in their foreign partner country that they hope will translate into increased sales in the long-term.

Media Planner And Buyer

Media planners and buyers examine marketing data to identify the best communication mix for a company’s advertisements or promotional items. Traditional marketers had limited communication channels available to them, and some mediums included direct mail, television and radio advertisements. With continued advancements in information technology, more communication options are available like websites, blogs and social media platforms. These options present great opportunities, but they also represent additional effort that is required to determine the optimal marketing communication mix that is best for specific companies and their products.

Public Affairs Consultant

One of the most important roles that marketing professionals fill when they operate in international markets is the practice of protecting the company’s brand image. When it comes to international brand protection and recognition, knowledge is power. These public affairs consultants maintain awareness of political environments and culturally motivated news to safeguard a company’s reputation. They know how to utilize the proper communication channels to present a company’s mission, vision and core values. This international job requires excellent written communication and interpersonal skills since international public affairs personnel interact with a foreign country’s industry leaders and government political figures. Public affairs officers also use quantitative skills to forecast market impacts based upon official socio-economic and political changes.

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Marketing in domestic and international markets is all about understanding economic environments and identifying opportunities to effectively promote a company’s product, service or brand. People with the skills to apply the fundamental principles of marketing are usually qualified for many types of marketing jobs that are international.