What Careers are in Market Research?

The careers in market research are open to students with degrees in market research, analytics and management. These degrees teach students about consumer insights, decision making models and experiment design, sampling and field works. Students also take classes in ethics, web analytics, data mining and new product or service research. Most degree programs require the completion of an independent research project. Those who graduate will be prepared for any of the follow careers.

Market Research Assistant

Market research assistants perform a variety of tasks related to qualitative and quantitative market research projects. They develop project time lines, communicate with clients as needed and coordinate internal and external resources. They participate in the development of survey questionnaires, project scopes and moderator discussion guides. Market research assistants analyze data, interpret results and create charts and tables to communicate results. Market research assistants can have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, psychology, statistics and information technology. They need the demonstrated ability to manage a variety of complex tasks and maintain excellence in oral and written communication. Experience using a statistical software package, such as SPSS or STATA, is usually preferred by employers.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists develop, design and produce business development materials. They participate in marketing activities designed to help promote marketing achievements. Marketing specialists research a variety of topics, such as proposals, presentations, qualifications and other materials for research projects. They must align client project requirements with available resources and limitations. Marketing specialists composes criteria outlines, assign internal responsibilities and monitor deadlines and performance. Their goal is to produce content that best meets clients’ current and future needs. They collaborate with marketing, advertising and public relations team members to make recommendations and achieve success. For example, they may design and create various business development documents like flyers, brochures, postcards and advertisements.

Market Research Surveyor

Market research surveyors are responsible for conducting client surveys in various locations. They work with assigned marketing research projects and proactively seek out potential participants in a manner that ensures proper random sampling. They respect individual preferences and follow established protocol and narratives when approaching strangers. Market research surveyors must be confident and comfortable approaching and speaking with people of all demographics and backgrounds. Some market research surveyors accomplish their tasks using mobile tablets and devices. They must complete a specified number of unique surveys within designated timeframes. They coordinate the collection, organization and evaluations of online survey campaigns. Market research surveyors must be highly organized and comfortable reading complex reports and statistics.

Consumer Marketing Analyst

Consumer marketing analysts lead enterprise-wide projects that detail growth, trends and market strategies that are essential to revenue, margin goals and consumer engagement. As strategic market planners, they provide analytical and leadership skills that enable teams to isolate issues, design customized solutions and execute analytical tasks. For instance, they are involved with forecasting and scenario planning related to profitability, competitiveness and market shares. They provide technical and content expertise related to financial analysis, competitive intelligence and deep data analysis. Consumer marketing analysts transform their findings to reports that contain formal recommendations for senior leadership.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that most careers in market research require a bachelor’s degree, but advanced jobs related to statistics, management and global account coordination will require a master’s degree.